Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Ghostly Surprise- Babies 22 & 23

Hey everyone sorry if I took awhile for this post, My computer was infected by over 200 virus at once when I clicked on a picture on Google. It took a week for me to get it back and to continue Dawn's challenge. Also Sorry for the short post, I wanted to try it and maybe I can get posts out more often.

 I don't how I got there or why I was there in the first place, but somehow I ended up at the cemetery. Last time I was here was when I was looking for a father for baby 2 in my challenge and that didn't turn out so well. I got out of my car and walked inside. I walked like I knew exactly were I was going, but in reality I didn't know what led me here or where it was leading me.
 I got to the pool in the center of the cemetery and stood by it's side. I looked to the water and examined it. I started to strip down naked and leaped into the water. It was ice cold. It felt like a thousand knives piercing my skin all at once. After that I don't remember much.
 Me missing Lerk has my head in a loop. I sometimes space out thinking about him. Where is he at this moment? Is he okay? What is he doing? Does he miss me too? But I need to start thinking straight again, I have a challenge I have to do. I'm in no way, shape, or form to be day dreaming and spacing out at places such as the cemetery, what if something happens to me that I'm not prepared for it.
 I sat by the fire feeling the warmth of the flames and letting it fill me with comfort, something I've been needing since Lerk left. I helped myself to some salmon I recently caught while fishing. I had finally mastered my fishing skill and I'm more then ready to bring back my Tyler.
 But that goal is still on hold. I learned the recipe for Ambrosia and got lucky with finding life fruit in my garden one day, but I was still missing one important ingredient, the death fish.
 I was never one to do much of crazy out of this world things such as my friends. So I went to the Saloon and Tattoo. But I wasn't here to do an extreme makeover.
 I came to get my very first tattoo. I know it's not really a crazy out of this world thing like doing graffiti on Joe's house but it's something, right.
Can you see my tattoo? It's partly cover up but it's right in between and over my breasts. I liked it and it barely hurt at all.
 Remember that dance my daughters went to together because they didn't have dates? Well Della met Dustin Berks there and they have been dating ever since. They make an adorable couple. Dustin was like a bad boy, but he never really does anything bad. He just likes dressing and acting like one.
 Mendy was never much of the shy type and she too found the guy of her dreams at the dance. And what a crazy small world this is because the guy that Mendy has been seeing is Charlie Berks, Dustin Berk's brother. Charlie was just like Mendy in many ways, they both want to save the world.
 Maci wasn't as lucky at finding a boyfriend and her sisters thought it would be a wonderful idea that Maci should meet Charlie and Dustin's brother Jonny Berks. Yes, Charlie, Jonny, and Dustin are also Triplets. Triplets dating triplets.
 Della came up to Maci after breakfast, she was ready to confront Maci about not having a boyfriend. "Maci I've notice that you've been lonely lately, sitting at home while Mendy and I went on double dates, so......."
 "I was thinking at school today maybe I can introduce you to Jonny. Maybe you guys can become good friends, what do you think".
 Maci blushed a little. She never had a boyfriend and she knew Jonny very well from school but they never talked or officially met. She did have a small crush on him from middle school and she still liked him now. Maybe meeting Jonny can help Maci break that shell of shyness she has towards boys.
 Just then the bus called out to them from outside and they had to go. Maci turn towards the direction of the front door, then she looked back at Della. "How about we meet at lunch?".
Della jumped at Maci's response, she couldn't wait to play match maker with her sister. "YAY! You'll like him a lot Maci. Jonny's a football player, so he's athletic just like you".
 While doing the laundry I was hit with a sudden coming of vomit. I barely made it to the bathroom.
 Luckily I did make it, and just in time too. Just as I hit the floor, I puked. I couldn't possibly be pregnant, could I?
 I thought back when I was at the cemetery. After my dip in the pool I met a ghost by the name of Bob-Andy Baker. He was single and I remember him telling me about his life when he was alive. Saying he never married and never had children. He died at the age of 35. I remember me feeling sorry for him and one thing led to another, baby 22 was conceived.
 That was it I had to get my head straight, I can't be spacing out like this. Getting pregnant and not remembering who the father was. This isn't how I should be doing this challenge. Starting over I went to Forrest's crib.
 With another baby on the way I had to age Forrest. I needed a head start on his skills. Who knows how hard it is to teach a ghost it's skills, plus I had to be careful and watch where I put him/her because they are transparent.
Forrest sadly didn't get his father's hair, skin tone, or even his eye color. But I love him no matter what. Maybe he'll look like his father.
 At lunch Della introduced Maci to Jonny and they hit it off very well. They became great friends almost instantly. Maci even went to Jonny's house after school and hung out.
 You can see that Maci practically broke from her shell the moment they were introduced. She seemed to like Jonny more now then when they were in middle school.
 I spent my late afternoon playing the guitar. I love listening to the smooth sounds of the blues playing under my fingers. I could do this all night but I had chores to do, and dinner to cook.
 I only got to play for an hour or two because my baby decided to make itself known to me. I couldn't wait for the birth of this little one, he/she will be my first ghost baby.
After dinner I spent the rest of the night helping Forrest master all his baby skills. By morning he did, and he was exhausted and slept most of that day.
 The doorbell rang and it was Jonny. Maci and Jonny have been inseparable friends and did everything together. Jonny was Maci's best friend.
 When Maci looked out the window and saw Jonny he looked heartbroken. She ran outside to meet him by the door. She was so worried for her best friend. "Jonny is everything alright? Are you okay? What happened?".
 "Love happened Maci, I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend. You might not feel the same way but I had to get it off my chest and take a chance. I want to kiss you so badly and hold you so tightly and be with you always. I can't get you out of my head, I dream about you all the ti---".
 Jonny's words were cut off by Maci's Lips. She too loved him but didn't want to risk their friendship. But now that he confessed his love for her, she didn't have a reason to hide her love anymore.
After Maci let go of her surprise kiss Jonny smiled and pulled Maci into another one. This time he was kissing back. They're love for each other had made the kiss the best they ever had. It was full of passion and love and it seemed to go on. They didn't want to let go, only for air. Jonny came to Maci that night as a love sick boy and left with a girlfriend and a grin.
 I was watching some TV and minding my own business, while Bradly was doing his homework. But as soon as he finished he called me into the kitchen. I came, I was slow, but I came. I walked to him and smiled. "What is it Bradly?", "Mommy, Della, Mendy, and Maci are always talking and hanging with their daddy. Why don't I have a daddy?".
 The question caught me off guard. How do I explain to a little boy that his daddy was an evil vampire that changed me, raped me, and almost killed me. I also don't want to make it seem that his daddy doesn't care about him. Oh man why didn't I prepare for this? "Well Bradly, your daddy loves you, but he was a very bad man and did very bad things. I hope you can understand"
 "It's okay mommy, all I wanted to know was why. I understand". He smiled and gave me a hug. Bradly is such a sweet good boy and not at all like his father and I'm blessed for that.
 Bradly felt my tummy, he said when the baby kicks the hairs on his arms stands up. I told him it was because the baby is a ghost and ghosts tend to do that.
 I don't why but I brought Forrest upstairs and into the girl's room. I was going to paint when I saw the music box. I wound it up and let it play. Some how it reminded me of my childhood.
 I put the music box down and I went into labor.
 Soon a baby boy was in my arms and I looked at his adorable transparent face.
 I introduce you to Baby 22, Liam Turner.
 I brought Liam downstairs and put him in his crib.
 I was very gentle when laying him down. I was scared that he'll just slipped through the crib and onto the floor.
 Labor hit me again and I gave birth to a baby girl. Surprisingly she wasn't a ghost, and surprisingly had green skin. Her father must have green skin and I didn't know because he was a blue & transparent.
I introduce you to Baby 23, Victoria Turner. 77 more to go.

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hoped you liked it. I know it's short but with shorter posts I can get them out more often. What do you think? Please comments are much appreciated cause I work really hard to make these posts happen for you guys.

I would like to thank Catlover800 for having Matthew be in her challenge and having two little babies named Dawn, after me, and Harold, after Harold Holiday (Matthew's father). I'm happy to have two more grandbabies.


  1. Awesome Post! I dont mind them being short.

  2. It was soooo cute :) great great post! I am glad to see your computer is back to its virus-free self ;) Keep the posts coming!

  3. This was super cute! The ghost twins were such a surprise. Also, thanks for mentioning me at the end. I really enjoyed reading this post and I am glad your computer is virus-free.

  4. Awww, what a nice post!!! I'm so glad that your computer is now free of virus :) :) It's okay if you write a short post, I'll still appreciate it! 100 baby challenge is a really hard thing to do, right? And I hope your Liam and my Liam will be good friends, since they have a same name and almost same birthday :D Can't wait to read more!!

    _Leah Sierra_

  5. Thank You guys! :D

    @Putri Air: I think they'll make great friends, they can play hide and seek, but your Liam will have a hard time finding my Liam do to him being a ghost and see through! LOL! :D

  6. GREAT POST!!! I always love your updates... keep up the GREAT work

  7. Oh, a ghost baby! They were both cute.