Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby 21- part 2: Goodbye!

-------------------Lerk's POV-------------------
When I ran through Dawn's front door and saw her laying there, not moving, I couldn't move myself. But Once reality hit me I was able to call 911 and get her to the hospital in time.
The doctors said if I didn't get to her house when I did, it might have been too late. I didn't want to think about that, if I was with her in the first place none of this would have have happened.
I watch her laying there in the hospital bed, only moving every so often, I start to think about her safety. Am I really safe for her, everything that has happened to her, happened because of me. Wei doesn't believe that humans and vampires should be together and for that he'll kill who ever does be with one. Can my selfishness to be with her caused her great danger?
After a day or two in the hospital they finally allowed her kids to come in. For the last few days Mason has been in charge of his younger siblings while I watched over Dawn.
Mendy just looked her sleeping mom with confusing eyes, "Mason, is mommy going to be okay?".
"Of course she's okay. There's nothing to be worried about Mendy".
A few hours later Dawn started to gain consciousness and was more aware of what had happened to her. When she awoke her kids surrounded her bed asking all sorts of questions. Dawn was more then happy to answer them to make them know that she was just fine. She didn't want them to worry.
I sat back and let them at their mom, I didn't want to ruin their reunion. I wanted them to see as much as their mom as they can because they haven't seen her in days.
-------------------Dawn's POV-------------------
The day I gain consciousness the doctors took it as a great sign and thought I'll be ready to go home anytime tomorrow. So the next day I watch TV with Lerk while we waited for the doctor to get the paperwork so I can leave.
Lerk hasn't said a word to me since I woke and I was beginning to worry until he said "Dawn, can we talk?". He had worry in his voice and sadness and possible guilt. Something was up with him and he was about to tell me now. So I got up from my bed and we met in the center of the room.
"What is it Lerk?", "Dawn I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when Wei attacked......Twice". Lerk had a hard time saying the last part of the sentence. I knew he was feeling guilty but I never knew he was this guilty.
Lerk told me where he was the day Bradly was conceived and how he had taken days to get back. "I went to see Wei, Dawn. He said that if I didn't break it off with you now, he would kill both you and me". "Why did you see Wei----". "Dawn I knew what happened, even though you didn't want me to know. I sensed it. I wanted to see Wei to get him for what he has done to you.". 
The night replayed in my thoughts and I cringed, I didn't want to think about any of that, then that's when he continued. "I told Wei that I'll never give you up and it was that selfishness of mine that caused that attack on you. I'm so sorry Dawn."
"Lerk you have nothing to apologize for. I knew Wei would do anything to keep you from me that night and You had no idea when and where he going to please Lerk, tell me where you are going with this".
Lerk signed. He seemed he was dreading this from day one, but he managed to get the words out. "Dawn I have to go.........". At first I was thinking that doctor hasn't said anything about leaving yet, then that's when I started to think. "Where are you going".
"I signed up for the army and that's where I'm going. We need to be apart, it's the only way for you to be safe."
"Wha..wha...what? Your leaving me? Lerk I don't care what Wei does as long as I'm with you".
"Dawn, he could harm your kids. I'm going, away from you. Wei will think you and me aren't together and leave you alone. And when I think he's good and gone I'll come back."
Inside I knew he was right and it had to be done, not only me but my kids could be in grave danger. As much as I hate it, to have Lerk join the army and possible never come back had me at the edge of tears. "O..k...kay" I stuttered with my words but I got them out and my tears.
I turned away and balled my eyes out. I let the tears come down at full force.
Lerk stood there and let me have my moment of sadness. He knew that trying to comfort me will just make it worse for me.
I finally settle down enough to wipe away the remaining tears on my face. "Lerk, What if you don't come back? What if something happens to you during war and I'll never see you again?".
Lerk took my hands in his and held them tightly. "Dawn, I'll come back, I promise. As long as I have you to come back too, I'll come back".
He pulled me into a kiss and I kissed him back.
He looked me in the eye and said "I love you, Dawn", and I said it back.
He hugged me tightly, so tightly as if it were our last. "I leave tomorrow night, will you come?".
I pulled away. Tomorrow? So soon? I thought I'd get a little more time with him before he left, but I guess I was wrong. But I needed to be there when he leaves, it may be the last I see of him. "Yes".
After that moment the doctor came in telling us we can leave. Lerk dropped me off at home and I ran to hug my kids. The next morning I thought I needed to age the kids, I know it's early but I needed too and they understood.
Maci Went first.
Baby 19, Maci, the tom-boy, was beautiful. She got her father's eyes, my nose and my eye color. She let her hair grow out and had it pulled backed into a ponytail.
Next was Della.
Baby 18, Della, the girly-girl, looked almost identical to her sister Maci, but she got light brown eyes instead of my purple. Della had her hair in pigtails with big bows and a headband.
Mendy was the last of the girls to age up.
Baby 17, Mendy, the save the world daughter, looked more like her sisters now then she did when they were younger. She had her hair down and one braid on each side. She never used hair products because she thought it'll ruin the environment. She loved taking the bus and car-pooling.
Now Mason's turn.
Baby 16, Mason finally transformed into a full grown vampire and is ready for anything. Mason's jacket was made from fake snake skin due to his sister Mendy's obsession of saving the word.
Lastly was my little boy Bradly!
Baby 20, Bradly is starting to look like his father in some ways, like his face shape. I thank the lord that Lerk already knows and I don't have to explain why he looks like Wei.
Each of my girls got dressed because tonight was their school dance. Neither of them had a date, so they're going as a group.
I needed a distraction so I started doing chores.
I did laundry. There wasn't much so it didn't take me long.
But I couldn't escape it for long. I had to face it. Lerk is leaving and I may never seen him again.
I walked to the painting on the wall I did of Lerk a while back. I looked at it as if were the real thing. What if I don't show up, maybe he wont go?
But let's face it, he's going. And I had to be there or I may never seen him again. Or Maybe I will. I let the thought of seeing him again and Wei being gone forever......
......finally get me to sleep. I will wake in a few hours and meet Lerk at midnight.
When I woke I found Mason still here. "Mason, I thought you left?", "Well I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to my mom". Mason and I said our goodbyes and we parting ways.
Mason left home and moved on to better things and I went to the Military base. I arrived and waited for any sign of Lerk. Due to Lerk being a vampire he had to leave at night. So midnight was when he leaves.
I saw him standing a few 100 yards away. I slowly walked to him and eventually my walking turned into speed walking.
I made it to Lerk. He took my hands and held them. I felt the iciness of his skin against mine. He looked me in the eyes and said "You came", "Of course I came, I love you".
Lerk embraced me and looked me deeply in the eyes. "I love you".
It hit me again and I turned away with tears in my eyes. His words cut my heart. "Do you have to go?".
Lerk didn't respond, he only kissed me ever so lightly. I took that kiss as an answer that he had to go, no matter what.
I looked down, tears falling down my face and more forming in my eyes. "Dawn it'll okay", "How do you know Lerk? How would know if your going to get killed out there or something? How?".
"I---", Lerk was cut off from someone yelling his name that it was time to get going. He turned from me to yell back. "Just a minute Robert".
Lerk turned back to me and grabbed me for a hug. I held him him tightly, I didn't want him to go so soon. I thought I had more time. But he had to go and I had to let go. "Come back to me Lerk.....alive and well".
"If your here Dawn, I'll come home. I will always come home. I love you Dawn, and never forget that.".
Lerk let the hug go, gave me one peck on the cheek, and ran off to his plane. When I saw the plane take flight, I let out a big breathe and my tears.
I had the whip the tears from my eyes, I couldn't let my kids see me like this.
I drove home. when I got there I checked on the kids then proceeded to my room where I let myself cry to my heart consent.
Will I ever see Lerk again? Will I ever love again? Will this crazy plan of his ever work? These questions run threw my mind and they'll constantly run in circles until I see Lerk again.
I looked to my wall where I hung a picture of Lerk and me, and to my dresser where I have the two smaller pictures of us. These will be my only memories of Lerk, besides my 3 beautiful children I had with him.
I had to relax. I needed a bath, to cleanse my worries away.
I watched my butterflies flutter their wings and some how it made me feel better.
I needed to talk to someone, anyone. I couldn't keep this bundled up inside me. I called Violet Newbie, one of my friends that have been their a lot with me. Recently her son (my grandson) was in a car accident and I was right there with her and him.
After I hung up with Violet I went into labor. My Saint Patrick Day's baby was on his/her way.
I pushed and pushed and out came a beautiful baby boy. He didn't get his father's skin color but that didn't matter, he was the best thing that happened to me in days.
I introduce you to Baby 21, Forrest Turner. Only 79 more to go.

I hoped you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I worked really hard on it so comments are much appreciated. Thank you for reading and stay tune for more.


  1. Awwww, Dawn! I hope you'll be okay soon! Don't worry, if Lerk is truly your soulmate, he'll come back someday and call your name again... I do hope that everything's gonna be okay for you :')

    _Leah Sierra_

  2. OH NO!!! I'm so sad! I really hope he comes back! Congratulations on Forrest! I hope Wei leaves you alone… hes such a creep. :/ Especially now that Lerk's gone..

  3. :( Nooooooo! Lerk has gone :'( At least I have him in my game lol x
    If I get multi-gender twins it'll have to be Dawn And Lerk :)

  4. I was so sad to read that Lerk was going but then I let out a sigh of relief when he said he was going to come back. I hope Wei is out of the picture forever and doesn't hurt Dawn anymore. This was a great post and I was really looking forward to reading it. Also, congratulations on Forrest! Again, great post! :D

  5. @Putri Air: Thank you and I hope everything turns out right! :D

    @CatherineBell: Wei is a creep and I hope he leaves me alone too, and thank you! :D

    @tara.pooley-green: That would be soo sweet! :D

    @Catlover800: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D

  6. GREAT POST! You are AMAZING but I can't help but be sad...

  7. @SimsFan: Thanks and don't feel sad, Dawn is a strong woman and she can over come this with the help of her friends. :D

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    Thanks again for letting me use him! :D

  9. I had tears in my eyes! It was so good, Dawn! I hope that Lerk and Dawn will be together again! I do remember that she did see him in the future with baby 75. I hope that's true.

    I hate Wei!!!

    The last baby was so sweet.