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I Just Need Time- Babies 24, 25 & 26

I'm sorry guys on the delay. As you can see it's getting real close to the end of the school year and me being a senior there's TONS of things coming up and I'm getting less time on sims. There's the Senior Seminar, Senior Breakfast, Peer Mentor Breakfast, Prom, Yearbook Distribution, Honors and Awards Assembly, Senior Ditch Day, Grad night and Graduation. But as soon as I graduate on June 5th I'll have the entire summer with nothing but sims on my mind. SO my next post might take quite a while. Just warning you a head of time. Thank you!

 I've been getting more and more visits from my 3rd child Tyler. I still need to catch a death fish before I can officially bring him home, but I'm having no such luck. Until I do I'm enjoying the frequent visits.
 It was time to age all my children and of course the oldest, Baby 20 Bradly, went first. Bradly looks so much like me that there was no hint of Wei at all.
 Baby 21, Forrest was also starting to look a lot like me. I also couldn't see his father in him.
 Baby 23, Victoria looks just like her father with her nose, lips, skin tone, eyes and possibly hair. I don't think I can see me in her.
 Baby 22, Liam is the opposite of his twin sister Victoria. Liam had my hair, lips, eyes and nose. He still has the same skin tone as his sister and father. They both had their father face shape. As you can see in this picture Liam is not all ghost. Well when he's in CAS all but his eyes and hair are solid. I only wish I could see his eye color.
 Baby 17, Mendy grew to be outgoing sociable woman. She kept her hair the same as always and wore very little makeup.
 Baby 18, Della is still as girly as she ever been but she's also outgoing, hyper and always makes the best of things. Della had her hair up in a bun like dew with bangs.
Baby 19, Maci grew to be absolutely beautiful. She's still involved with Jonny and they're relationship is stronger now then ever, just as her sisters with their boyfriends.
 I thought I'd take a trip to the past and see my childhood or maybe just see the day I met Lerk.
 I put on my time traveling suit, punched in the date and jumped in.
 I missed the date by a couple of decades and landed somewhere else. Well I made the best of it and came back to my time. But I was in my original clothes and I wasn't alone.
 To my left was a young boy feeding my fishes.
 When he finished, he came up to me. I looked at him and he looked just like me, sort of. "Mom", the boy said. A big grin came upon my face.
 I leaned in to give my new Time Machine Baby a hug. I couldn't believe it, I finally got a time machine baby for my challenge just as Della A had, France. France is married to my first child Nellie and they have 5 beautiful children together. Now I get to say that my Time Machine Baby is now Baby 24.
 I had my new son get a new modern day look to fit in. He got some cute clothes and I had his hair spiked. His name is Jude.
 Forrest was especially happy to have a Jude around, he now had someone to play against during chest games.
Mendy & Charlie
Della & Dustin
Maci & Jonny
I got some great news. Just after each of my girls moved in with their boyfriends, they each got proposed to and are now engaged. They set the date to the wedding and are planning to have their weddings joined and maybe save money.
 After hearing the news I got a call from someone unexpected. He asked to hang out with me. Of course I said yes I wouldn't say no to a date with a Challenge mom's son.
 I got to the sports bar at about 7:33pm. I was a little late but I'm sure he didn't mind.
 I came up to him and gave him a friendly hug.
"Newbie it's so nice to meet you. How's your mom?".
"My mom's doing well and she says her Hi's".
"Aww That's sweet of her. I send my Hi's back. You want a drink?"
 I walked behind the bar and prepared a drink for Newbie and me. I mastered the skill so I wasn't worried too much about making a bad drink.
 After I finished the drinks, we grab a glass and sat at a near by table. We started chatting it up and giving updates about our families."So hows your brother Quinn been lately?", "He's up and about doing this and doing that. You know". "I completely get it. So what about your mom, is she just as she is in her blog?", "Better actually, she's just amazing". I've been reading Ashby's blog for a few years but I never really met her maybe I will sometime in the future.
 "So Dawn, I called you beca-". My phone's ring suddenly cut Newbie's words off. I said my apologies and got up from my seat to answer it.
 I walked  far enough away where Newbie couldn't hear me. I took my phone from my pocket and read the caller id. It was Bradly. Why was Bradly calling? I just left the house not long ago. I clicked the answer key and held the phone up to my ear. "Bradly why are you calling, I just left", "Mom, mom, mom I can't find Liam", "What? You can't find Liam? He should be in his crib sleeping", "I know but he's not there", "Are you sure because Liam is a ghost and maybe you just can't see him", "No mom Liam is NOT here".
 I hung up the phone and ran to Newbie. "Look Newbie, I'm sorry to cut this day short but I need to get home now, I have a family emergency".
"Oh, what happened?", "Well my son can't find one of the little ones", I explained. I didn't want to throw all my worries on someone else but Newbie had the right to know why I had to cut our date short. "Well here let me drive you home then". I took him up on the offer not only because I drove a limo here, but because that limo wasn't coming back for me until 9 pm.
 As I walked through the front doors Bradly was instantly there. Maybe it was because he half sat waiting for me by the door and half double checking the toddler's room for Liam. "Mom, I'm so glad your here", "Where's Liam?" I was worried out of my wits and I didn't need the added stress on me not after all I've been through. "Well, I was doing homework and when I finished I went into the toddler's room to check on Liam and Victoria and Liam was no where to be found. I even asked Forrest and Jude and they haven't seen him. We all even checked the entire house in every room and all, but he's just not here".
 I was now at a stress level high of pure worry and my heart was beating a thousand a minute. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, but I wouldn't let that happen, not for my kids. "Did you call the police?".
 Bradly lowered his head as if he was ashamed and said, "I wanted to call you first".
 I didn't want to give Bradly a lecture on calling the police during emergencies, that would be a waste of time and its not the important thing at the moment. The important thing was to call the police.
 I dialed 911 and told them to come right away and gave them my address. When I hung up I couldn't help but think about Tyler and when I lost him, and Wei and wonder if he has anything to do with this. There could be a million and one scenarios, but only two outcomes and I prayed to god that Liam wasn't hurt.
 When a cop arrived I didn't waste time, I right away started explaining everything that had happened. From me going out, to Bradly and Liam and searching the house.
 The cop took it more differently then I thought. He started saying that a child had to be missing for at least 48 hours before you can call the cops. And since my child was a ghost it was 62 hours (3 days) due to him being transparent and can be easily lost.
 I was furious. My son could get hurt in those three days or even worse killed. He was only a baby and could starve. No one can see him so if they heard him they can't help. I blew up with anger at the cop, yelling at him and telling him every possible scenario I can think of to help change his mind.
 It didn't work, He threaten to take me to jail if I continued my constant outburst. I couldn't leave my kids alone and neither of them can post bail. So I calmed myself down, trying to get a hold of my emotions. Before leaving the cop told me to come to the station house tomorrow afternoon and he'll see what he can do about my case.
 After all police cars were clear from the house and far enough away were I can barely hear them, I came up to Newbie. "I'm sorry I broke our date early and I'm sorry you had to witness all this drama".
Newbie waved his hand in understanding, "It's okay! I gotta go but we should hang out again sometime, just give me a call". Just like that newbie left.

The next day I got Victoria dressed and we headed into town. We took the limo to the station house and met up with the cop from the night before. He said he can take the case early due to a very low percentage rate of crime in the city. I took that as a good thing. After wards I thought I'd bring Victoria to the park.
 When I got there, there was a group of people standing outside of City Hall. As I got closer I saw it was a protest going on. Everyone was protesting No Jelly Fishing in Twinbrook's lakes. The Jellyfish were becoming instinct in the town's lakes due to it's high demand in the Bridgeport. People have been fishing for the creatures to sell them illegally, but since fishing was legal no one knew who was doing the selling. People suggested to just have Twinbrook's main lake be a no fishing zone and the town's smaller lakes be available to the public.
 I recognized one protester almost instantly and literally couldn't stop myself from yelling, "Newbie?".
 Newbie looked down from the sign in his hand to see me standing nearby. He put his sign down and walked over to me. "Hey Dawn what are you doing here? Are you here for the protest?". "No, no protest I was just in town at the police station, they said they could take my missing child report early for the lack of crime".
 "That's good news, for your case and the no crime thing, but sorry about Liam", Newbie was so sweet to care how I felt. "Thanks, hey Newbie do you think you can give me a ride? I sort of let my limo driver go home early not thinking about how I was gonna get home myself". "Sure no problem". Newbie ran back to retrieve his sign and then all three of us headed to were he parked his car.
 After getting me and Victoria home Newbie, the gentlemen that he is, walked us to the house to make sure that both of us were safe. I gave Newbie a nice quick hug before heading to the front door.
"Dawn wait!", I turned to face. "Yeah Newbie, what is it?". "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow night?". I thought it through a moment before I looked him in the eyes and said, "Sure".
 The next night Newbie picked me up at 8pm and we drove to the town's dance club. Instead of going to the dance floor we went to the restricted area were there was a bouncer. We were both welcomed to enter. (LOOK it's Jay Wriner, I'm guessing he's a bouncer on the side. Hmm.)
 After the ropes there were stairs. Newbie and I walked up the stairs and we came to a beautiful room at the top of the club. The hole place was empty.
 I turned to Newbie, "Newbie it's empty?", "Yea I rented the hole upper level place out so you and I can have it to ourselves". That was the nicest thing someone has ever done for me. "Oh my Gosh Newbie that was so nice of you". Newbie seemed to blush when I said that, but he shook if off to ask, "Wanna drink?". I told him yes and we went to the bar were he ordered our drinks. We danced most of the night but the other parts were taking up by talking, drinking, and playing video games. But once it was 4 am it was over and the dance was closing.
 We walked out of the club and I pulled Newbie into a hug and said, "Newbie, your one of the sweetest people I ever met. I wish I had father's in my challenge as sweet as you. You would make a wonderful father someday".
 Newbie chuckled a bit and I pulled away a little stunned at his reaction to my compliment. "What's so funny?".
 Newbie swung his hand in a confession sort of motion. "Well the reason I called you the other night to hang out was I was going to ask if I could take part in your challenge. I was going to ask you then, but then you got the call about your son and it didn't seem like the right time. I thought you just needed time."
 That was the most sweetest, most sensitive thing a man has ever said to me and I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity of having him as a father in my challenge. "Newbie, I would love for you to be in my challenge, it'll be both an honor and a pleasure to have another challenge kid join my challenge".
 "Oh...really? When?", Newbie was kind of caught off guard at my response to his explanation. I think he was expecting me to say something like 'that's so sweet and all but I'm not ready', but I was ready, I was more ready now then I ever been.
 "Now, come over now". Newbie didn't hesitate a second and we both jumped in the car and went back to my place. know what happens.
In the morning I tended to my garden. I've been so busy lately I've been abusing it and most of my plants were wilted. I was thinking about rebuilding and restarting my garden sometime soon.
 That night I got a call from the police station. The man on the other line told me that they did everything they could but with Liam being a ghost it'll probably take months before they could find him and by then it would be too late. So they're dropping the searches all together and told me to go on about my life like nothing ever happened.
 I hung the line up and just held the phone in my hand. Just go on with my life like nothing happened? How could I go on without my son?
 I put my phone away and ran to go get Victoria, ever since Liam's disappearance I've been worried for Victoria's safety.
 I looked into Victoria's eyes and I could see Liam in her. She may not be a ghost and transparent like her brother but they shared a connection and I could see that.
 I pulled Victoria into loving embrace and I was finally able to cry. All this time I've been so stressed that I wasn't about to cry for my Liam, but now that there's no hope in finding him my stress was no more and now I can finally cry.
 I let the tears come to me and I cried with Victoria. She seemed to understand what was going on and wiped the tears that seemed endless on my face. I pulled myself together and grabbed my phone. I didn't want to be alone, so I called someone I knew would make me feel better.
 I put Victoria to bed and I sat on the couch closest to the front door and I waited. Then suddenly he arrived.
 I jumped and ran into his arms, embracing him fully and crying once more. I needed comfort that only a man can give me and since Lerk was fighting in the war in Afghanistan, Newbie was all I got.
 After I finished my sniffling I pulled away. Newbie grabbed my shoulder and looked into my eyes with sympathy and said, "Hey there, is everything all right?".
Instead of answering his question I stole a kiss from him. I don't know why but it felt right and I felt safe and secure. I wanted to kiss him some more but I kept thinking about Lerk. What would he think? I love Lerk and yet I'm kissing Newbie. Could it be I might being getting some feelings for him? No, I couldn't! I pushed those thoughts aside.

Newbie offered he'd stay the night to keep an eye on me and I willingly agreed, mainly because I didn't want to be alone. In the morning I got a call from my son Matthew (Baby 8), he said that him and Geneveve had another son and wanted me to come over to see the baby.
 When I arrived at Geneveve's and Matthew's half rented house I heard screaming. I ran to where the screaming was coming from and found Sofie, aka the town gossiper, holding a new baby girl. I never knew she was pregnant, better yet married. But to who? I can also see Sofie had a wardrobe change, she looks more girly. Maybe she changed it to pull a more motherly look.
 After the Sofie labor commotion, I was finally able to visit my new grandson Ramon Turner.
 When I got home I feed my two fish.
 I was extremely tired so I just took a nap on the couch because I know I wouldn't make it to my own bed.
 Newbie was sure to looked after me and my kids while I rested, I had a long hard week of stress.
 After I awoke I found Newbie was right there. I sat up and Newbie joined me on the couch. "How was your nap?".  I stretched out my arms and said, "Great thank you".
 The conversation didn't last long because I suddenly went into labor. Newbie knew what was to come from watching his mother, so he just waited for the birth of his child.
 And just like that two little boys were born.
 I introduce you to Baby 25, Dallas Turner (Thanks to Dorkney),
And Baby 26, Tucker Turner (Thanks to TcTara).

Hey everyone I hoped you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I put a lot of work into this post so comments are much appreciated. Thanks!

I would like to thank Ashby Starr-Bright for letting me use her son in my challenge and having two new little boys in the family.


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