Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby 21- part 1: I Warned You!

If your under the age of 15, please get a parents permission before reading on. Thank You!

-------------------Dawn's POV-------------------

 After Wei left I picked Bradly up from the floor and carried him down stairs. I held him closely and looked him over one more time, he of course was a vampire baby. One good thing about this is that Bradly looks more like me then his father.
 If Lerk ever found out about what Wei did to me.....who knows what would happen. I don't want Lerk to do something crazy and get hurt. I wouldn't be able to stand losing him.
So Bradly's father will be a secret to Lerk, if Lerk asks then I'll just say to him what I told my kids. Bradly's father is just a man who wanted a child for a reason he wants no one to know, and wants no one to know his identity. And why would Lerk not believe me, Bradly looks like his mommy. I put Bradly in his crib for a mid afternoon nap and I went to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat.

-------------------Lerk's POV-------------------

 I jumped on my bike and took a ride threw town. I needed some air. I decided to take the long way so I'll have time to put myself together, to keep myself from exploding with anger when I get there. But we all know, even me, that no matter how long I take to get there my anger will not be steaming down anytime soon.
 I knew.......... I've known since it happened. I sensed a vampire child had been born. Vampires come with great senses and abilities and one of them is knowing when one of their kind has been born, and even turned. This is why My anger is building up on me. This vampire child that has been born, I know belongs to Dawn........ and I know what Wei did.
 I closed my eyes tight not wanting to think of such horrible things Wei did to Dawn that night. I should have been their to protect her but I knew I couldn't. I was kidnapped that night and locked away until night fall the next night. I didn't know why I was there, I couldn't feel Dawn. Someone, some vampire has blocked are only way of communication until I was released and I can feel her once more. She was okay, no harm done to her until I checked my phone and saw a missed call from from Dawn the night before. I went to her, it took me days to finally come back to Twinbrook, I was locked away in some old warehouse in Bridgeport.
But when I got to Twinbrook, I didn't go straight to Dawn. I could feel she didn't want me to see her just yet. She didn't want me to know, but I do. So I went home. But my anger got the best of me, I knew where Wei was this night so I got on my bike and left. I was coming and Wei was waiting.

-------------------Dawn's POV-------------------

 After Bradly's nap I thought it would be the right time to age him and his siblings. Everyone was so excited and couldn't wait. I brought Bradly into the family room and laid him gently on the ground why all his brother's and sisters cheered for candy and cake.
 Me of course cheered for good health and a good life. But in the back of my mind I hoped for no Wei in him at all.
 My wish came true, Baby 20, Bradly got my strong genes and looks like me. His skin color is a little darker then mine, I have no idea where his brown hair came from or his bright blue eyes. His is definitely a cutie.
 Baby 16, Mason is looking cuter everyday. He could have any of the girls in school if he wanted to.
 Baby 17, Mendy turned out to be a very pretty little girl. Mendy went with the short spiky hair due.
 Baby 19, Maci looks a little different then Mendy but just as pretty. Maci wanted to have short hair for some reason, I'll never understand little girls.
 Baby 18, Della looks more like Maci then Mendy. It seems that Mendy is the only one of her sisters that looks different.
Finally, Baby 15, Hunter turned out to be a handsome young man with a bright future a head of him.

-------------------Lerk's POV-------------------

 I took a few more times around the lake before eventually I came to the warehouse on the other side of town. I parked the bike around the corner to prevent any suspicious cops that takes late night checks around this part of town. I got off the bike and ran toward the other side of the building.
 There awaited by the dumpster was Wei with his crooked smile and evil glare. Just looking at him has my boiling point at a low. I just wanted to jump at him and kill him right then and there. But I had to control my anger, I don't know if Wei has something up his sleeve that could hurt or even kill me, then I wouldn't  be able to protect Dawn.
 I sucked in a breathe that cooled me down just a bit but not much. I walked until I was only a few feet from him.
 "We meet again Lerk, I heard you just got back from your trip to Bridgeport?". I sucked in a another breathe.
 "Shut the hell up Wei, I know what you did to Dawn and I know it was you who sent me to Bridgeport, so don't act like you don't know shit. I want you to leave Dawn the yell alone, or I swear I'll--"
 "--You'll what? Kill me? You can't Lerk I'm stronger then you and you and I both know that. And if you try, I'll win and there will be no one here to protect your precious Dawn from me killing her too. So you'll do what I say and leave your Dawn for good, if you have what's coming to ya. Dawn isn't one of us Lerk. You had the chance of keeping her for good but you had her change back.......Humans and Vampires don't belong together Lerk and if you continue to see her it'll be the end of both of you".
 "........You'll never come between me and Dawn. I don't care what you say I'll be with Dawn until the day I die, and that day won't becoming anytime soon. So I say I don't care what you say, you can threaten us all you want doesn't mean your going to follow threw with it. And if you do I'll be prepared."
 "Your Making a big Mistak--", I cut Wei's words off with some of my own. "I don't want to hear any of your shit anymore Wei, and I swear this won't be our last meeting".
 After I finished I turned from Wei and made my way back to my bike, but not before Wei said this last thing. "You'll turned your back from your own kind for a human?, you'll never be one of us, you trader. I warned you of the consequences so be prepared Lerk, be prepared."
It was nearly dawn and I was gaining weakness. My meeting with Wei still playing over and over again in my mind, I needed shelter.

-------------------Dawn's POV-------------------

 "I'm going to miss you sooooo much mom", "I'm going to miss you too Hunter, and be safe out there, it's a big world", "hahaha, I will mom".
 Hunter waved to me goodbye and I was hit with sudden loneliness. I haven't seen Lerk is days and now my oldest was leaving. I still have Mason but he spends most of his time either exercising, going out with girls or even watching over Bradly. Hunter was the only person I had to talk to.
 I think it's great that Mason spends lots of his time with Bradly. I think it's always best to have more then one vampire in a household so no one feels left out or even an outcast. So I convinced Mason that he should be the one to teach Bradly his skills.
 Mendy, Baby 17, is the eco-friendly, save the world, loves outdoors, plants and animals kind of girl.
 Maci, Baby 19, is the sporty, tom boy, jock kind of girl.
 And Della, Baby 18, is the princess loving, book reading, girly kind of girl. Each of them has their own personality, triplets yet so very different. :D
 Maci had the Angler Trait so one night after everyone was asleep I took her fishing for the first time. I went at night to prevent any jealously between the girls.
 It was a great mother-daughter bonding moment that I'll always remember. She was natural at fishing. She caught two. :D
 Saint Patrick's Day was coming to a near and I needed a new dad for my challenge. After going through a ton of emails I found the perfect guy for the holiday. So I gave him a call and invited him over, I tended my garden while I waited for his arrival.
 "Oh my Gosh, Dawn Turner, I'm so glad to finally meet you and take part in your challenge. I'm Patrick Sanders, you called me?".
 "Oh Yes, Patrick Sanders. I'm glad you can make it in such short notice."
 "So you wanna get started right away or wait a bit?", "Well I didn't call you to rush right over so we can chat first, I want to continue my challenge as soon as possible", "Okay then".
 He pulled me in close for a kiss before we proceeded to conceive baby 21 inside.
 I had the kids room redone to make more room, I even replaced the cribs with smaller ones. After it was finished Mendy and Bradly didn't wait a second before they started to play in the new room. I thought it was just adorable so I spent my late afternoon watching them play together.
 My moment of watching my children was disturb when the doorbell rung. Who would be visiting me at this time of day?
I got up and walked out the room to go answer the door.

-------------------Lerk's POV-------------------

 At 8 pm I went to the lake, it was the calmest place in Twinbrook that I can think of. I wanted to be somewhere quite to figure out what I was going to do about Wei and keeping Dawn protected.
 I can always make a break for it. I can take Dawn and her kids somewhere safe and as far away from Wei as possible. She can go to Bridgeport, Sunset Valley, Riverview, or Barnacle Bay. She has friends, she can go to a town where her friends are near. She'll understand the dangers here in Twinbrook and agree to come with me, would she? But I got to try, I love her too much to have her get hurt, and she loves her kids to much to have them lose their mother.
 I can go to her house now and tell her where I was and why I couldn't be there when she needed me that night, I can tell her what happened when I confronted Wei and that she's in danger if she stays. But somethings was wrong.....
 I closed my eyes tightly and concentrated. I couldn't feel Dawn anymore. That only happens when she's around another vampire, or dead. I didn't want to think the worst but I needed to see Dawn right away, that's when I suddenly felt her existence. But her mind was going blank and fuzzy, not like blacking out but worse, she was being choked.
 I ran as fast a I could to her house, I should have left as soon as night fall hit. I knew Wei was coming for her, but I figured he was going for me first so he had a clear shot to her. Of course that's probably what he wanted me think and attacked her tonight.
 I made it her house in a count of minutes, at this time I could not feel her at all. She wasn't near a vampire because I sense non near, and she couldn't be dead because the death of her would have cause me great pain due to our imprint. It could only mean she's on the edge of live and death.
 I didn't have to go searching for her because when I ran through the doors she was in my sight. I was in shock and pain when I saw her.
 On the other side of the room was Dawn's lifeless unmoving body. This sight caused me great heartache.
I didn't even know if I lost her because I was in so much pain from guilt. I was at the state of shock where I couldn't move to even run to her side. So I didn't even know if I was too late.

To Be Continued......

I hoped you enjoyed this post like I enjoyed making it. I put a lot of work into this post so comments are very much appreciated. Stay tune for part 2 coming soon.


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