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Keeping Secrets - Babies 41 & 42

Thank you Ashby Lemi for the Monster Mash Beanie!

The last couple weeks have been like crazy, I've been helping all the challenge mothers and Violet for the big wedding day. It was so exciting for everyone, Violet was finally getting married. Then it was a couple days before the big day and I had to leave town to be apart of the ceremony. I couldn't ask Lerk to watch my kids for me because he had to leave town too, to help out a few friends in Sunset Valley. So I called up Newbie and asked him if he'll watch the kids for me and he agreed. But before I left town they had their birthday.
Baby 38, Butch Turner as a Teen. Butch is the huskier one of the triplets but I say it's mostly his muscles, I'm sure the girls will be all over him.
Baby 36, Winstin Turner as a Teen. Winstin became a really handsome teen. He, like his brother Butch, will get all the girls. He told me he already had a few girls crushes on him.
Baby 37, Hyson Turner as a Teen. Hyson is the skinniest of the three but still cute.
Baby 39, Tyrone Turner as a child. Tyrone became such a cute child. There's no doubt that he'll became an even cuter teen. Tyrone loves dinosaurs, and would wear anything with dinosaurs on it.
Baby 40, Hailey as a Toddler. Hailey got all my looks, I don't see any of her father in her whats so ever.
The wedding was beautiful, and Violet looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown as she made her way down the asile. I almost cried tears of happiness for Violet. A wedding is a marvelous and most memorable thing for any woman's life. Luckily I was able to hold the tears back just as my name was called. Violet so graciously asked me to recite a poem at her wedding and I willingly agreed. I was honored to have been picked to read aloud a poem for Vi and AJ on such a great day.
I walked up the short amount of steps to the podiome and recited the poem. When I finished I made my way back down but not before giving Violet a hug and whispering a few encouraging words. I wanted to make her less nervous by reminding her of a joke we had a while back when I was still at the beginning of my challenge, "I promise not to break your stereo at the reception". After getting Violet to laugh I made my way back to my position and the wedding continued on. (Read the entire wedding Here)
While I was witnessing Violet's wedding Newbie was taking care of my kids, he made sure they had clean clothes and a big meal every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I couldn't have found betters hands to leave my kids in then Newbie.
When I finally came home from my 3 day trip Tyrone was most happy to see me. As soon as I came through the door Tyrone ran and gave me a big hug.
Tyrone couldn't wait to ask me all sorts of questions about the wedding, but the first one he asked was, "Mommy why is your hair down?".
"Well I let it down sweety", those pins in my hair for the ceremony were pitching my head and driving me crazy. I had to let it down.
After Tyrone's many questions I walked over to Hyson and took Hailey from him. I missed my Hailey most of all, and she missed me too.
After all my hugs and kisses from the kids I made sure to thank Newbie for all the help. Where would I be without him.
Tyrone loves hanging out in the back yard. Playing in the sand and riding llama private ships. He's just a sweet fun loving boy.
.....When he's not stealing candy from his younger sister. This is what I was worried about when he had inherited the evil trait.
But like I said before his friendly trait evens it out. Tyrone always says sorry and gives Hailey a hug afterwards.
Lerk was still out of town and will be for another few days so I spent my evenings, when I'm not tending to my kid's needs, surfing the web. Hyson then interrupts me by telling me the web is a great place to get juicy gossip about other people and maybe find somethings about people you know. "You never know someone until you look them up on the internet", he would say but he's a goofball.
When Hyson left the curiosity got the best of me and I looked up a few names, like for instince I found my daughter Mary, Baby 10, and her family just moved to Barnacle Bay. She never told me. Then I found a link when I looked up Lerk's name.
It took me to a website that talks about fellow army men that are fighting or used to fight in wars. I starting reading. First is was the basics.
Name: Lerk Bitters
Age: undetermined (Vampire)
M/F: Male
Relationship Status: Taken
Children(?): 4

I was a little stunned at what I was reading. Lerk Bitters? That's not his last name, is it? It must be him because it's his picture that's up. And 4 kids? Lerk and I had 3 kids together, is there another kid Lerk had that I don't know about? I kept reading on, then I came across a question that was for vampires only.

For Vampires Only: Cause of Vampirism: Punishment

I was completely shocked. Punishment? Lerk had always told me that he became one cause of vampire becoming extinct. Lerk lied to me. He lied about his name, his vampirism, he never told me about his other child. What else was he keeping from me? I thought I knew him, how can I trust him anymore?
I so badly wanted to tell someone about what I had found and get some advice but this was something I had to talk to Lerk about. I had to face him, but he was still gone so I had to wait.
It was prom time and all three of my boys were so excited about going and get their dance on. They all went without dates and Winstin won prom king.
It's a sad moment at the Turner household, our beloved Mr. Gnome had passed and is now in the big yard in the sky.
Baby 36, Winstin as a YA. Winstin grew into very handsome young man. He told me he wasn't gonna get married until he found just the right girl. I hope he finds her cause he definately will make a great husband and father some day.
Baby 37, Hyson as a YA. Hyson doesn't want to get married at all, but if he happen to fall in love then that's great.
Baby 38, Butch as a YA. Butch is such a ladies man, he wants to live the life of a bachelor for as long as he can before he settles down.
After my boys moved I found I was pregnant, I was so excited and I couldn't wait to tell my son Tyrone that he was gonna be a big brother.
I know what your thinking, when did she get pregnant? Well actually while I was out of town for Violet's wedding I thought I take a drive around town and do some site seeing. When I was walking through the rich side of town I met this man, Goerge Masterson (Yes he's rich). Well he recognized me from my challenge and wanted to join, so I let him and I went over to his place to conceive baby 41.
While I was still excited about my baby, Newbie came running in through the kitchen door. He quickly sat down all excited. "Dawn guess what? I just got promoted to Trauma Surgeon". "Oh wow Newbie that's wonderful, I'm so happy for you". For weeks Newbie has been trying to get that promotion and now all his hard work has paid off.
All day the second day of my pregnancy I taught Hailey all her skills. She's such a fast learner.
The next day while doing absolutely nothing I went into labor. I was early so I quickly reacted and drove straight to the hospital.
After many tense hours of agonizing labor I came out with twins. I was so excited about the twins. I couldn't wait to go home and snuggle them up, but Lerk was finally back in town and I will soon have to face him.
Baby 41, Zac Turner.
And Baby 42, Nick Turner. I named them after the founders of the Ghost Adventures Crew.
After settling the twins in for a nice long nap I called up Lerk. I had to confront him. He was keeping secrets from me and I was determined to make him explain himself.
I almost didn't hear him come up behind me. I didn't say anything, I just stayed silent. he knew something was up and starting coming closer to me.
He stood by my side and I still didn't say anything. I was still mad and upset about his lies and keeping secrets. Lerk seemed to notice and broke the ice. "Dawn is there something wrong", I stayed silent, "Dawn look if there's something wrong I want you to tell me, no need to keep secrets".
That made me furious. "I'm not keeping secrets Lerk Bitters". This made me smile inside, now he knows I know something and he'll finally confess.
Lerk looked at me with shock, then his faced calmed, "It's Lerk Bitemen sweety".
This ticked me off and I spun around to face him, he was not getting away with keeping secrets from me.
"Look Lerk don't you dare lie to me. I know your last name is Bitters, just like I know you have 4 kids not 3. Why are you keeping secrets from me Lerk, huh? I also know that you becoming a vampire was a punishment not a save-the-vampires thing. Lerk how did you become a vampire, how? I thought we had a trusting and understanding relationship and if your keeping secrets then what do we have? Lerk please".
 Lerk with his glowing vampire eyes looked to the floor. He looked defeated, guilty. He looked as if he just got caught and know it's all over, but he also looked upset, sad, & hurt. From the look on Lerk's face I know he knew it was all over, he couldn't lie to me anymore. I know he has a secret and he knows it has to come out now or never.
Lerk looked back up at me. No longer upset or guilty, but angry, and hurt. His eyes said to me 'alright then'. Lerk took a long deep breath and released it with a sigh. "Dawn I never wanted to hurt you. I've tried my hardest to keep you safe. I never wanted you to suffer from my actions. There was a reason for all that. The way I am. I know I lied about how I became a vampire, becoming a vampire has a big part of my protectiveness over you. I've kept this all from you, not to hide anything or hurt you but to prevent me from hurting. I never told anymore about the real me. I wanted to prevent from opening old wounds. It's all open now so I guess I have no choice, Dawn. It's time I told you the's time I told you of my past.

To be continued.............

I hoped you enjoy this post as much as I did making it. I put in a lot of time to make these posts happen so comments are much appreciated, Thank you. Sorry that I took so long for this post to come out. I just started College in August and I barely have time for sims, only on weekends if I'm lucky. But don't worry I'm not given up on this challenge no matter what. 
Stay tune for the next post or posts as a continuation of this one. The next post will be all about Lerk's past, it's a long story and I haven't decided yet if I should make it into two posts.

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  1. Oh my...can't wait to read about Lerk's past :)

    ~Chey - aka - Felisha Wilson~

  2. OMG Dawn keep us in sespense why don't you. LOL. I Loved it. Gosh my Newbie is such a great catch don't you think?


  3. I can't believe Lerk lied to Dawn and I can't wait to read about his past. It's great to see your writing again. :D

  4. Hi I've been lurking your challenge for a while and was wondering what site you use to upload your pictures

  5. @Anonymous(Ashby): :P I'm glad you loved it and a good suspense makes a good story. Yes I agree Newbie is a great Catch.

    @Catlover800: I can't believe he lied to her either. I never left writing it was just I have school and all and sims is limited to me.

    @Snookid2100: I use Blogspot to upload my photos. I don't use any other sites.