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A Date & A Promise - Baby 40

To start of things I would like to say Thank You to Addy McKnight. After my last post Addy used the song she said goes so well with my post and made this video for me. Thank you Addy! :)

While I was in labor at the hospital Luther was a Prom. So when I came home Luther announced that he had won Prom King. I was so happy for him but then I heard Preston didn't go.
 Luther took it upon himself to find out why.
"Hey Preston I didn't see you at prom, why didn't you go?"
"Well I didn't want to show up at prom without a date. I asked two different girls to go but they all turned me down. I didn't want to be a loser without a date"
"Preston I went to prom without a date and I won prom king. There were lots of people there without dates."
"Well I guess your right, I should've gone but I really wanted to go with a date. Well it's too late now but I'm glad you won prom king."
"Thanks and if you want you can have my crown since you didn't go."
"No I wouldn't ask you to do that. Keep your crown. But I wanna say thank you for talking to me"
"No prob big bro. Now let's go get mom so we can age up".
"Okay then".
Baby 33, Preston as YA. Preston grew into a very handsome young man. He's a little shy towards girls but I'm sure he'll find the one. :)
Baby 34, Luther as a YA. Luther also a handsome man isn't as shy towards the ladies as Preston is.
Baby 35, Dillon as a Teen. Dillon is a little husky but he is a cutie. Dillon doesn't let his weight problem get to him, he loves to paint and that's all that matters to him.
Baby 36 as a Child. Winstin grew into one little cutie. he looks so much like his father, same for his brothers.
Baby 37, Hyson as a Child. I'm just loving Hyson's pink eyes, it goes so well with his hair.
Baby 38, Butch as a Child. I love Butch's darker skin tone, it gives him a tan look. It also looks great with his hair.
Baby 39, Tyrone as a Toddler. Tyrone looks adorable. I say he looks like me and Titas in the face. I'm also glad that Tyrone got his father's hair and my eyes.
After my kid's birthdays I had to get ready for a date with Lerk. Lerk finished what he needed to get done in Bridgeport and is on his way back now. So I had a good 30 minutes before he gets here. Then I heard the doorbell ring and one of my kids yelling out 'I'll get it'.
A minute later there was a knock on my bedroom door. I yell for them to come in and then I see Newbie walk through the door.
I turn around to face Newbie.
"Hey Newbie, nice to see you"
"Hey Dawn I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?".
"Awe Newbie I'm sorry I have a date tonight, but we could hang out tomorrow".
"It's okay Dawn we could hang tomorrow...... So who's the lucky guy that you got a date with tonight?"
"It's my boyfriend Lerk. I haven't seen him in years".
"Ah the famous Lerk you've talking about. I didn't know he was back. Well I hope you have a wonderful night."
"Thanks, so what do you think of my outfit?"
" isn't really your color"
"I'm joking, you look good in red Dawn"
Newbie and I heard Hyson call out to me from downstairs that Lerk was here. So Newbie followed me downstairs and I greeted Lerk. Then I introduced them to each other.
"Newbie this is my boyfriend Lerk. Lerk this is my good friend Newbie, he was a father in my challenge."
"Hey Newbie it's good to meet you"
"It's good to meet you too Lerk"
After introducing my boyfriend and best friend to each other and having some small talk, it was time for mine and Lerk's date. Newbie offered to watch the kids for me so I didn't have to call a baby sitter and I willingly agreed.
Lerk took me to go see a movie called 'The Help' and then dinner at Red Lobster. We got a pretty good seat at the Red Lobster because he was still wearing  his uniform. Then afterwards Lerk took me to the beach where we sat and watch the stars together.
It was so good to have Lerk back in my life even though he'll be leaving again in a couple months.
Lerk seemed thrilled to be back and by my side again too. I love Lerk so much and I wouldn't bear it if I lost him at war. I'm just lucky he didn't get hurt.
Lerk and I spent the last of our night watching the stars and cracking jokes.
Lerk and I decided to head home when dawn drew near. Lerk needed shelter.
Before we started towards the car Lerk took my hands.
"Dawn it's so great to be here with you again. I love you so much."
"I love you too Lerk and I'm glad you came home safe."
"I got these for you Dawn", Lerk said as he pulled out a dozen light pink roses.
"Awe Lerk there so beautiful".
I grabbed the roses and took a big sniff. They smelled fresh and earthy. I smiled at Lerk and he grabbed my hand and lead me back to the car.
Lerk needed to head back so he just dropped me off at home. I gave him a quick kiss before getting out of the car and walking inside.
Inside I found a tired Newbie sleeping on my sofa.
I walked over and gently woke him up.
"Hey sleepy head", I said as Newbie gets up and I join him on the sofa.
"Hey Dawn"
"So how was the kids?"
"They were angels. I helped the boys with homework and we all played catch the toddler"
"haha so who won?"
"Tyrone did. He's one fast toddler"
"So where are they now"
"Well Tyrone is sleeping and the boys are at school. So what about you, how was your date?"
I told Newbie how Lerk took me to the movies, Red Lobster and the beach to watch the stars.
"Wow you must have had a great time"
"It was only great because of who I was with"
"You really love him don't you?"
"Wow I hope I can find a woman to love some day."
"Awe Newbie I know you will. You just got to keep looking and never give up."
Newbie gets up and gives me a big.
"Thank you Dawn. I hope the woman I fall in love with is just as sweet as you"
"That's really sweet Newbie. I hope you find her soon"
"I do too. I'll see later then?"
"Yes, see you later Newbie"
Then Newbie left.
 Dillon has really gotten into his hobby of painting. After doing homework he would go straight to painting.
 After my nap Dillon wanted to use me as a model for his next painting. I happily agreed.
 An hour later he finished the painting. He was so thrilled on how it came out. I was his first human model.
 To celebrate what a great job he did I had the painting framed and hung on the wall.
 Then it was birthday time again. I started cheering Dillon on. Then Newbie walked in, in the middle of Dillon's celebration and joined in the cheering.
 Baby 35, Dillon as a YA. Dillon grew up so much since he was a baby. I found out recently who Dillon's real mother was and I even got to see what she looks like. Dillon looks so much like her. Dillon knows he's adopted and went out of his way to learn all he can about his birth parents and even help raise awareness on cancer by doing fun raisers. I'm so proud to have had adopted him. :)
 Newbie waited with me downstairs while Dillon finished packing his stuff. After he was a packed up I gave him a painful goodbye. Dillon is one challenge baby that won't be forgotten.
 After Dillon drove his car off the lot Tyrone came crawling towards me yelling
"Mama me miss Dillon".
I leaned over and picked him up.
"Awe Dillon gone to live somewhere else sweety"
 Tyrone just squished his face against my shoulder with little silent tears coming down his face.
"Awe you wanna hang with me and Newbie?", Tyrone then shook his head yes, "Okay then let's go upstairs".
 Upstairs Tyrone stopped crying and I put him on the floor to play while I got to work on painting a portrait of Newbie.
 It didn't turn out as great as I wanted it to be but it did turn out great.
"What do you think Newbie?"
 Newbie walks up and examines the painting and says "It looks great Dawn".
"You really think so?"
 I framed the painting of Newbie and carried it to the wall.
 Here's where I hang my paintings of other sims.
 Look what I found in my room. :D It looks like he's suppose to hold a guitar.
After Newbie left (he had to go to work) I decided to chat with some of my friends on Facebook. Addy was online so I chatted with her. But she didn't seem like herself.

---------------Lerk's P.O.V---------------
 I stood and waited. I knew he was going to be here and I was waiting for him. Soon I saw him in the distance.
 I followed close behind. There was something I wanted, and I wanted it from him.
 When I reached him he had made it to the end of the side walk. I called his name in almost a whisper. He spun around and was scared white for the first second and then he started to calm as he realized who I was.
"Oh hey Lerk, what are you doing out here?"
 I sighed and took a deep breath, then I looked at Newbie.
"Newbie I came here to talk to you about Dawn".
 Newbie was soon on guard.
"What ever it is you heard is not true, Dawn and I are just friends".
 "No Newbie it's not that, it's just I came to ask you a favor and since you and Dawn are good friends I figure your the right person to ask"
 "Well Lerk I've only known you for a short while but if it has something to do with Dawn I can see what I can do. So what is it that you want?"
 "Well as you know I've been off at war for a few years. I only went to make sure Dawn doesn't get hurt because of me. Newbie those years without Dawn where horrible. I would lay awake, unable to sleep, thinking if Dawn was safe. I had no way of knowing or no way of protecting her. I was thinking and since your her good friend, when I have to go back in 2 months can you promise me that you'll keep an eye on her? Protect her from anything and anyone?".
 "Lerk that's a big promise but I'm willing to accept it. I give you my word that I will watch over Dawn when you leave and I promise that I will not let anything harm her. I swear."
 I sighed and a small smile came across my lips. I looked straight back a Newbie and gave him a salute. I didn't say thank you but Newbie knew what it meant.
My body relaxed and all the tension in me was gone. All my worries disappeared. Now in 2 months when I have to go back to war, I can go with relief. Dawn will be safe. Newbie is a man worth trusting, I can sense it. I just hope Newbie can handle it.

---------------Dawn's P.O.V---------------
 This is Billy Carson. Billy is a great explorer who travels to different countries exploring and discovering all new things. Billy heard about me and my challenge from a friend and decided to contact me. He emailed me about joining my challenge and attached a photo of himself. I responded to his email telling him I would love for him to join my challenge. Billy was in Egypt at the time so he told me he'll give me a call when he makes in to town.
 Well Billy finally made it to town and called me up. I hopped into my car headed to the local pool to meet him there.
 I pulled up to the pool and Billy was standing out front. I parked my car and walked up to him.
"Billy? Billy Carson?"
"Yes and you must be Dawn Turner right?"
"That's right"
 "So Dawn you want to get started now or do you want to go swimming?"
"Well Billy I much prefer to get pregnant right away"
"Okay so where do you prefer; my place or yours"
"Well how about mine"
"Okay show me the way"
Billy and I headed back to my place. I wanted to try something different, so we tried for a baby in the shower. We heard the lullaby on the first try. Yay here comes baby 40.
 I got a little scared. Winstin was swinging his pillow in the air hitting nothing.
 He says he was pillowing fighting with his imaginary friend peanut, but no one was there.
 Or was there? O_O
 I have mastered many skills but there were a few I haven't mastered yet. One in particular is the drums. So whenever I can I play the drums. I made it to level 5.
While I was jamming out on the drums I heard a car pull up to the house. I looked out the window to find a police car. Then I saw a cop walk up my doorstep with Winstin by his side. I was furious. The cop said that Winstin was out past his curfew. So after he left I yelled and lectured him about his actions. It was hard, I hate yelling at my kids but they need to learn.
 A couple days later Newbie came over and helped me with my garden. I weeded, watered, and harvested my plants while Newbie disposed all the dead ones so I can plant new ones.
 After all the sweat and hard work of planting and harvesting I offered Newbie something to drink. I made a pot of coffee and we each got a cup. We sat at the kitchen table for one quiet minute. Until Newbie spoke up.
"Dawn are you okay? You seemed spaced out, what's on your mind?"
 I looked down at my cup of coffee and said, "Well a few days ago I was chatting with my friend Addy McKnight. She seemed.....well different. She wasn't herself and I sorta got suspicious and kinda...well...blew up on her. I said sorry because her husband is gone and it could be the reason for her acting different, but I still have my suspicions about it. I'm just worried for her."
"Maybe your right Dawn. She could be acting that way because of her husband leaving but you never know what else could be bothering her."
 After mine and Newbie's little chat and cup of coffee Lerk came by.
 I jumped up and gave Lerk a hug.
"Hey Lerk"
"Hey Babe"
 "Hey Dawn I'm gonna go."
"Go? So soon?"
"Yea, I'm sure you and Lerk would want to be alone and I have work in the morning."
"Well I'll see you soon then"
"Of course soon, Later Dawn"
"Later Newbie"
 Newbie left and Lerk and I cuddled up on the sofa. It's so nice to cuddle up next to Lerk, I haven't done that in forever.
"Lerk what's it like at war?"
"Horrible Dawn, just horrible"
"Yes because I wasn't with you"
"Awe that's so sweet"
 To pass time by until labor I taught Tyrone to walk.
 And before I knew it, labor came. I pushed 1, 2, 3, 4 times before.......
I gave birth to a little girl. I introduce you to Baby 40 Hailey Turner. 60 more to go. :)

Hey everyone sorry that this post came out a little later then I wanted it to. Posts are probably gonna come out later as August comes to a close. I'm starting collage soon that will interfere with my sims. But I will play every chance I get.
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it. Please I love feedback so comments are much appreciated. Thank you!

I have download links to all Dawn's kids under 'The Kids' page above. If you wanted to use any of her kids for your blogs, stories or just to have them in your game. 
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  1. Well... Lets hope Serenity doesn't read this lol, can't have her knowing your still suspicious

  2. Oh, Lerk! It's so sweet of him to make Newbie promise to look after Dawn. He really cares! :)

    While I'm commenting, I thought I could probably ask..

    Could I perhaps use Preston in my 100 baby challenge? :)

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  3. Aww, Lerk is such a sweet man especially the way he asked Newbie to watch over Dawn! Tyrone is so cute with his blue skin and his pink and blue hair. I like how you named baby 60, Hailey (I might just steal that name if you don't mind)! :D

  4. I LOVED IT!!!!! Still rooting for you and my boy. I can't wait to see how Tyrone turns out. I like that he got a lot of genes from Titus, he is such a cute little toddler.

    *Hugs* Ashby

  5. @AddyKat: Let's hope she doesn't. Lol! :D

    @Destiny Rose: Lerk does care! :) Well I gave Preston to someone else, so your gonna have to ask them if you could use him. If you have a facebook her name is Violet Jane Newbie.

    @Catlover800: Lerk is a sweety pie! :) Baby 40's name was named after me. You can go ahead and use it. It's not like I own the name, right? Lol! :D

    @Anonymous(Ashby): I also like how Tyrone got a lot of Titas genetics too. :) *Hugs*

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