Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Big Event - Baby # 8

Hey Everyone Sorry It took me forever for this post to come out, I had homework and some things in my game wasn't going as planned. Well it's out now and I hope you enjoy! :D

 I held my little Erik and just looked at him. He was my first baby I had with a vampire, but there is something different about him...
 He wasn't a vampire......Out of the 50/50 chance of being a vampire, Erik has gotten my human genes.
 I didn't care if he wasn't a vampire. I still love him all the same.
 For all I know he could be a reincarnation of Tyler, but I doubt that!
 I got some major news, I have a new nephew. My brother Dean and his girlfriend Molly Coddler had a baby together and she's a vampire, so is my Nephew. :)
 Also my brother Blake has a girlfriend. I'm so proud of them.
 I invited Della over since me and her hardly she each other.
 And She brought her son Francisco with her (aka France).
 Nellie took one look at Francisco and went right up to him.
 She shook his hand and greeted him.
 She had a big smile on her face when he said hello back, I think she might have a crush on Della's son. :)
 Francisco seemed to like Nellie to, but one problem is that Nellie is a teen and Francisco is a Young Adult. And they both knew that!
 But he soon left with his mom and Nellie was upset. She really liked Francisco but her age was getting in the way of that.
 Anyway I went online and decided to enter a Christmas pageant...
 I took several pictures of me in many different Christmas outfits, I had a little help from my kids.
 This is my final entree for the Miss Festivity Sim 2010 pageant.
 Also I had a winner to my Twin Pageant. I had my creator's sister pick the winner cause I felt like if me or my creator picked the winner we'll be picking favorites. And the winner is.......
 Nicki Cranford and her two daughters Kaitlyn & Hannah. :D
I went to my mailbox and mailed Nicki her gift right away. I hope she likes it!
 I was about to get Erik ready for aging up when Nellie came up to me.
 Nellie: Mom, can you age me up early?
 I was took back, my daughter wants to leave me so soon.
Dawn: Nellie I'm not so sure about this.
 Nellie: Oh please mom, I really want to be a young adult, I wasn't made to be a teen.
 Nellie: Besides I don't have to move out right away, I can stay for a little while longer.
 Dawn: I'm still on the defense about this Nellie, you haven't been a teen for a week and yet you want to age so soon.
 Nellie: Oh please, please ,please MOM!
 Dawn: Nellie does this have anything to do with Della's son Francisco?
 Nellie shrugged her shoulders in embarrassment.
Nellie: Yea Kinda
Dawn: Well I suppose I can age you up now if you really want to, but you have to age up with Erik.
Nellie jumped into my arms with excitement.
Nellie: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you mom, I can't wait!
Nellie clapped her hands in enjoyment and yelled Birthday Time.
Nellie wanted to age first so I let her, the sparkles surround Nellie as she age into YA!
Nellie let her hair grow out a little and decided to show her face. I never knew how much she looked like me until now.

Download Nellie Here

Want Nellie's outfit? Get it Here VVV
Jacket  (Original jacket must be bought at ea store)   

Erik looks a lot like Lerk for now but who knows. Erik has Black hair that came from his father. (Lerk had Black roots) He may not be a vampire baby but he is a baby that came from a vampire. And I still love him.
I've been noticing that Stark has been doing a lot of work around the house without me telling him to. He's such a good boy.
Then I saw Stark do something that caught me off guard.
Stark Put the birthday bear that his father gave to him and his brother on Tyler's grave. I was shocked, surprised and wanted to do something just for Stark.
I bought Stark a new console game to play with. Christmas is a couple weeks away but I thought one early present wouldn't hurt anyone.

**Nellie's Point of View**
After aging into a young adult I invited Francisco over right away.
He seemed surprised to see me as a young adult, he was expecting to see teenage Nellie.
Francisco and I started socializing right away, He seemed glad that I'm a young adult now.
I was right about him being glad because he seemed nervous and happy around me and eventually ask me out.
Francisco: Nellie I was wondering well.....
Francisco: ...If you wanted to got out with me sometime?
I was so excited a really cute boy was asking me out!!!!
Nellie: I would love to.
After that me and Francisco seemed to be less nervous around each other.

**Dawn's Point of View**
I went out fishing for the day, I needed a fish for my fish tank. It might take awhile but that's only because I'm just learning this skill.
And of course my relaxing day of fishing was ruined when the paparazzi arrived.
She took out her camera and snapped a few pictures of me.
I tryed not to notice but that's not always easy.
She soon left after a few pictures and it was quiet enough for me to caught a fish but it wasn't very big.

**Nellie's point of View**
I arrived at the Bistro in my most sexy dress. I wanted to looked my best for Francisco.
There was a crowd of people there, some of which I've seen before.
Vanessa Wood & Mikolaj Sierra, the challenge mom's, and the town gossiper was there.
Then Mikolaj and the town gossiper started talking, they must be gossiping.
I saw this green man walking out of the Bistro, he had white and red hair. He seemed like a perfect  father for my mom's challenge, and he seemed to have the Christmas colors which is perfect for the holidays.
I arrived at the table were Francisco was waiting for me.
We talked for a nice hour or two, we seemed to really enjoy each others company.
After a while Francisco got up from the table in a hurry.
I got up with him, wondering what was wrong.
For a full minute he just starred at me with those sparkling eyes, There was something about them and the way they looked at me.
He finally came around the table and met me on the other side.
He took my hands and held them. They were so soft and warm and...wet. His hands were sweating. He was nervous again about something.
Then out of know were he ask me a question that I wasn't expecting.
Francisco: Nellie will you be my girlfriend?
All I can do was smile at those gorgous eyes of his his, I couldn't say no to him I liked him and he liked me.
Nellie: Of course I will.
He leaned in and we shared our first kiss. I felt sparks fly and my head spin. Some people say this is a sign, and I hope they're right.
The first thing after Francisco left and before I left, I called my mom.

**Dawn's point of View**
I was tending my garden when I decided that I should plant a few more trees.
After, I weeded my tree. I finally reached a high enough level of gardening to weed my plants.
As I was watering my tree I got a call.
It was Nellie telling me that Francisco just ask her to go steady. I was so happy for her. She also told me about this green man with white and red hair at the Bistro and how he wold be perfect for my challenge. Hmmm! :)
I invited Della over, we needed some more girl time, since the last time I saw her she didn't stay long enough for us to really hang out.
We enjoyed the nice soak in the hot tub and talked about what's going in our lives, I don't know how della could handle so much drama and how she can stay so calm.
I brought up Francisco and Nellie. I told her about how they are now dating. We joked about how they would get married and that we'll be grandma's. But Della had to leave and get home to Jay and her kids.
There was some creepy music and then out came Tyler from his grave.
Stark knew what the music meant and ran outside as fast as he can.
Stark greeted his dead brother...
...and then they played tagged.
A couple of months of dating Francisco and Nellie couldn't have ask for a better relationship.
And we all knew what was going to happen. Francisco proposed to Nellie one morning after jumping on the trampoline. She didn't know that their relationship would get this far....
but she loved him all too much not to spend the rest of her life with him.
I was able to find the man that Nellie saw at the Bistro through some of the challenge mothers and the town gossiper. His name was Harold Holiday and he has a twin brother that looks the exact opposite of him. I called him up and invited him over.
When he came over I didn't hesitate to ask him to take part in my challenge.
I even told him the rules and conditions of the father that was taking part.
He was hesitant at first.
Harold: I'm not so sure!
But as I explain to him more about the challenge.....
he eventually gave in.
I ask him if he wanted to get started right away.
Harold: Let's get started.
I jumped into his arms and he carried me into my house.
We settled in my bed.
And a Christmas lullaby filled my ears.
I couldn't wait to see if my baby gets his/her dad's skin and hair.
In the morning I was training Nellie when....
I almost forgot to age up Stark and the triplets.
I aged Stark up first. As I looked at Stark I started to wonder what Tyler would have looked like as a teen.
Lilly, Baby #4, I can't tell but I think she looks more like her father Midnight then me. Other then that she's a beautiful young girl.
Violet, Baby #5, Violet looks just like Lilly in every way possible, Thank goodness they kept the color thing that I gave them as a toddler.
Rose, Baby #6, What surprised me most is that Rose also looks just like her sisters. They're all identical besides that Rose has my skin and hair and Violet and Lilly has their father's.
After aging the kids I got sick and ran to the bathroom. We all knew what that meant, baby 8 was on his/her way.
I was relaxing on the swing set when Nellie walked up to me.
Dawn: What's going on Nellie?
Nellie: Well mom you know Francisco, right?
Dawn: Of course I do sweety, I'm glad that out of all the fish in the sea, you caught a good one!
Nellie: Well Mom, Francisco proposed and we're getting married.
Dawn: Oh sweety you getting married? I can't believe it.
I got up from the swings jumped with happiness.
 Then I got my first signs of my baby, I was really excited, I'm having such a good day.
I walked over and gave my Nellie a hug. I couldn't believe that my first born was getting married, and not to just anyone but to Della Wriner's son.
Look at my three girls playing a video game together. They are such good friends.
After hearing that my daughter was getting married, the first thing I wanted to do was call Della Wriner.
I told her the big news and she told me that Francisco is over there right now and he just got done telling her the news before I called.
We were both excited about this....
So I offered her to come over and help me plan the wedding for Nellie cause me being a single mom, planning a wedding could get a little crazy, and since it was her son and my daughter that are getting married, it seemed like a great idea.
Della came over and we started right away about the wedding planning.
Dawn: So Della, what do you think?
Della: Well I was thinking maybe we can have the wedding in your yard, it's big enough and I'm already here in Twinbrook.
Dawn: That's great idea Della!
We spent about an hour going through all the basics of wedding planning. I suggested some pretty white flowers...
and Della suggested a dance floor. :) Della loves to dance.
After Della left I taught Erik how to walk, the sooner the better.
Then I taught him to talk.
After going to 5 bridal stores Nellie has found the one dress that she loved.
It was now wedding time, Della and I have spent months going threw everything a wedding needs, Della knows what she's talking about, she had a beautiful wedding of her own. Here's the aisle that Nellie will be walking down.
And here's the dance floor Della suggested.
Here's the grooms men. My brother Blake and Dean and my son Stark. Doug was the one taking the pictures.
And here's the brides maid, Della and Maci. Francisco's mom and auntie.
And here's Francisco awaiting his bride to be.
Here's the three flower girls. Violet was hungry when the picture taken.
Erik was the ring bear but he was being fussy so I had to bring him down the aisle myself.
Then Here comes Nellie with her father, ready to give her away.
Lerk was there to celebrate Nellie's big day.
Some party crashers.
And the Bride's grandparents.
Violet Newbie....
Alyssa LaMont...
And Nicki Cranford was running late but they came just in time to see this.
The final kiss to seal Francisco's and Nellie's new life together.
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Wriner! :D
After the ceremony Nellie got her father-daughter dance with her dad.
I got my groove on, on the dance floor with Violet....
And again with Lerk. Who says pregnant women can't dance?
But dancing might have brought on the labor, cause the contractions started after my dance with Lerk.
He was freaking out more then me.
It only lasted a short while cause I was surrounded by glitter.....
...and out came my new baby boy!
I introduce you to Baby #8, Matthew Turner!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! Big thanks to Della Wriner for her son Francisco Wriner (aka France). If you have any name suggestions for future babies in Dawn's family please either leave a comment below, in the cbox above or email me at Thank You! :D


  1. i love your blog. it would be cool if you could name one of your boys Silas.

  2. @EriksLittleAngel: Thanks! And I'll consider the name idea! :D

  3. It's so good that Stark got his twin back, even though it was in ghost form!

    The triplets are all so pretty!

    I'm really glad that Nellie married someone nice.
    It was a beautiful wedding!

  4. Dawn if you ever have any more children can you please call one Kayleigh after me

    Many thanks

  5. alyssa lamont is from teenaged

  6. I just finished reading up to this chapter, and I love your challenge! Your kiddos are super cute, and I just love Dawn! I feel so bad for her though, with losing Tyler... and poor Stark! Hopefully she can bring Tyler back :(

    I'll get back to reading when I have some more free time!

    <3 and harp strings,