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Changes, Tragedies, & Second Thoughts - Baby # 7

If your under 16 please get a parents permission before reading on!

After the triplets were born I ran out of room in our house, so I made a few phone calls and had my house reconstructed.
 Instead of a garage I have my car out in the open. I even got two bikes.
 I decided that my house should go on one side of my lawn and my back yard should be a side yard.
 Here's my house on the outside. I had them make it look similar to my old one.
 Here's the first floor. There's a little room right when you walk in the front door where the toys and workout machines are. Then there's the living room and bathroom. Then the kitchen/dining room, with a washing machine room and the babies/toddler's room.
 This is the second floor. My room is right were it was in my last house but it's smaller. I have two bathrooms, one kids restroom and one older kids restroom. There's two boys rooms, one girl's room and one double girl's room.
 I had some thanksgiving decorations put up. Like this...
 These pumpkins...
 This self with pumpkins on it...
 These usually go on the doors, but I like it on the wall better...
 and lastly My center piece of a pumpkin with a mouse sitting on top.
There were a few rumors going around.
But not all of them were about me though.
 But There was one rumor that had me blowing steam.
 I was being publicly disgraced AGAIN!
 I went straight to court and sued for slander.
 It didn't take long, I walked out with pride.
 I had won my case.
 I went straight home, I couldn't bare being away from them long.
 As I was driving home from the court I made a decision that for now on I'm going to have home births, Cause every time I have a child rumors will start, and I may not win every time in court and I can't be risking my money like that when I have kids to support.
 I got a call from some of the challenge mothers.
 They were planning a surprise party for Violet's birthday and needed my help.
 I got all dressed up. This is going to be one awesome party.
 We were all planning on how to get Violet to come without ruining the surprise.
 But of course a fire broke out. I didn't have the brave trait so I was freaking out.
 We all walked into the club looking like we owned the place. I say this picture should go a magazine cause we're all looking hot.
 We had some awesome dance moves, and some not so awesome. I was doing the robot.
 We hired a stripper for Vi and boy was she blushing. :)
 We had to lighten up the party so Me, Liz (Elizabeth) and Della got on the tables and started to dance.
 Vi had a little to much to drink....
 and she started to dance....and do some other things! ; )
 Me and Liz were talking about it all night.
 Vi had a great time and got a little drunk, so we had to take her home.
Here's our group photo with all of us moms in our outfits. The party was a blast. (Photos by Violet Newbie, Read more about it Here)
 After the party I gained another star, I'm now a two star celebrity.
 I worked on a sculpture made of stone, I'm now at level 8 in sculpturing.
 I made some freaky looking bunny. You bet I won't be putting that up, my kids will have nightmares.
 Lilly my little baby 4, I held her close, she was my first born of my first set of triplets, just like my brother Dean.
 Violet, baby 5, I named my little baby after my friend Vi, She lost her baby Dawn Newbie but recently I heard that she came back to life as a ghost by a miracle doctor. 5 was Vi's favorite number.
 Rose, baby 6, My little girl that doesn't look like her sisters. I hope that she doesn't feel left out.
 Nellie: Woohoo It's birthday time!!!
It was now time for all my kids to grow up another stage of life.
 Lilly Turner, Baby 4, I can't really tell if she looks like me or her father. She doesn't have either mine or her father's eye colors. I dressed her in yellow.
 Violet Turner, Baby 5, she looks just like her sister Lilly, I have no idea were Violet and Lilly got their black hair though. I dressed Violet in purple.
 Rose Turner, Baby 6, Rose looks like her sisters in most ways besides her skin and hair color, she looks like me for now. I dressed Rose in red.
 Nellie Turner, Baby 1, My first born, the start of my challenge. She still wears make up and she kept her hair the same way she had it when she was a child.
 Here's a small side view of Nellie, I wanted you to see what she looks like. Her hair was covering her face.
 Stark Turner, Baby 2, He looks so much like his dad with his eye shape. Everything else was me, including his eye color.
 Tyler Turner, Baby 3, Tyler is all his dad but his hair color isn't his dad's or mine.
 After I aged the kids I went over to Vi's to visit my nieces. I got to hold Dawn Newbie the one that Vi and Blake named after me.
 Then I went over to Vanessa Wood's place with Blake to visit my Nephew, Jack.
 Here's my brother Blake giving a hug to his son. I'm so glad that he gotten his hair.
While I was at Vanessa's house I held her little boy Devan. He was a vampire baby. Holding him made me want a vampire baby all of my own. I just need a vampire. (Photos by Vanessa Wood, read more Here)
 The morning my boys started school for the first time I made them breakfast, Yummy Watermelon pancakes.
 Tyler had a trait to invent so while I made breakfast he worked on his skills.
 It's didn't last cause there was a huge explosion and Tyler caught on fire.
 He screamed bloody murder that ran through out the house.
 Then he was gone just like that.
 I ran outside as fast as I could, but I was too late. My Tyler was ashes. I was in shock.
 Then I was in tears, I started crying my eyes out.
 I couldn't believe it, My boy was gone and it was all my fault.
 I held my chest close. I blamed myself, he yelled for me and called in pain for me to save him. But I didn't come. It's my fault he's gone and I don't think I could forgive myself.
 The grim reaper came and that's when I lost it.
 I ran. I couldn't bare to see the grim reaper take my boy away.
 I wanted to run till the end of time and never turn around. I wanted to touch the sky and never look down. I didn't want to be here.
 Stark was the most upset. It was his twin that he lost, the other half of himself. He could never be hole.
 The grim reaper came up to Tyler as he came from the ground.
 Then the grim shook his hand and took him away.
Nellie cleaned the mess up and then went to comfort Stark.
 Meanwhile I was at the park, starring at the fountain. And thinking about my challenge.
 Then I started crying again.
 Dawn: Why oh why did you have to take my son?
 Dawn: Why couldn't I have saved him when he yelled for me?
 Dawn: This is all too much for me to take, I don't think I can go on.
 Dawn: I'm a terrible mother, I'm not fit to take on this challenge, I should just quit now and bare the pain.
 As I cried, a strange man came up to me.
 He took my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.
Man: Miss what's wrong?
 I threw myself on him and cried on his shoulders.
 He didn't seem to mind, all he did was hold onto me and comforted me. It felt nice to be in the arms of man that cared.
 I let go and sniffed a little.
Dawn: Sorry about that, I just recently lost my son in a fire.
 Man: That's okay, It happens. All you need is a shoulder to cry on.
 Dawn: Thanks for comforting me.... I'm sorry I didn't get your name?
Man: Let's sit first!
 We sat on the closes bench.
 Dawn: Your name?
Lerk: I'm Lerk Bitemen.

 Dawn: That sounds like it's a vampire name!
Lerk: I know, I'm a vampire
Dawn: Oh my gosh, really? I always wanted a vampire in my challenge.
 Lerk: I know, I heard about your challenge Dawn.
Dawn: You know about me?
Lerk: Yea!.................
Dawn: So how did you become a vampire?
 He told me about the vampire species going instinct and how this one vampire that wanted to repopulate them by biting others. Starting with Lerk.
 Then he said how it was upsetting others because they didn't want to be a vampire.
 And now all the male vampires are joining 100 baby challenges to repopulate the species instead.
 He said he was going to join mine and was going to visit me today but saw me in the park crying. And comforted me instead.
 I leaned on him for more comfort. There was something about him that made me like him. If I was continuing my challenge I could be excited to have a vampire baby to be number 7.
 I looked to his big blue eyes and lost myself.
 Then I slowly leaned in and kissed him.
 He wrapped his arm around my waist but I didn't mind. I liked it.
 I felt as is I was in love and he loved me. I never been in a relationship before, and by kissing Lerk I wanted one with him.
 But what about my challenge? Should I continue?....
 Or should I quit now and be with Lerk and just have a 100 babies with him.
 But now I wasn't sure if I was continuing the challenge, or if Lerk would be with me if I asked.
 After an hour I got up from the bench, it was time for me to go home
 Lerk got up from the bench too, he faced me..
 and took my hands.
Lerk: Dawn if you continue your challenge, I'd love to take part.....But if you chose not continue I'm willing to be with you. If you'll take me?
I was shocked, did he read my mind? I didn't care I was just glad that I have someone if I don't continue, I gave Lerk a Big thank you hug.
Dawn: Thanks Lerk, it means so much to me.
 I got home and my girls were playing together at the block table. I'm so glad that Lilly and Violet don't think much of Rose's skin color being different then theirs.
 I thought it was time for some learning. Me and Nellie taught them to talk.
 And use the potty.
 I noticed That there was a small grave outside in the back yard. Nellie told me that she did it while I was gone. I got rid of the inventors table, I couldn't have it in my house and have another one of my kids leave me.
 Stark was till upset about losing his brother. His teacher said he was avoiding all the other kids at school and crying in the bathrooms.
 I still didn't know what I was going to do but there was one thing that I needed to do.
 I called a few people and made a date for Tyler's funeral.
 Having the family there means so much to me. It's a shame that after a few years since I started my challenge The first time my family comes together is a funeral.
 My three girls sat side by side next to their big brother's grave.
 Nellie stood next to her uncle Dean.
 Doug and Blake stood next to my three girls.
 Not all the challenge mothers could make it, but Vanessa and Maci said that they all send their sympathy.
 What surprised me was that Stark and Tyler's father came to the funeral.
 My parents were there. My mom Lessie was most upset because never got to see her grandson before he passed.
 Stark was really silent through the hole thing. I hope he's okay.
 Lerk came by for the ceremony. It meant so much to me that he came even though he never knew Tyler.
 Having everyone there was a happy yet sad moment for me. Happy that everyone was there for support and still sad about my recent lose.
 Everyone left soon after. Everyone besides Nick, he stood next to his son as a father not a stranger.
After seeing Nick be a father to his son even after he said he didn't want to be part of Stark's or his brother's life, made me think about all the men that got a family they always wanted because of the challenge. It made a lot of men happy to have kids of their own when they're couldn't get married because of looks or hate, or because they're girlfriends and wives couldn't have kids. The challenge makes a difference in people's lives and made everyone happy including the mothers like me.
 I walked to Lerk who was the only one left at the funeral.
 I gave him a big hug of thanks for showing up at the funeral.
Dawn: Hey Lerk, I'm glad you came.
Lerk: I'm glad I came too.
 Dawn: And Lerk, I've decided to continue my challenge and I want you to be the father of baby 7.
Lerk: I would be honored to take part. And when your challenge is all over I'll still be here if you still want to be with me. Cause I like you Dawn, more then you think and I know you like me too.
 I gave Lerk a big kiss.
 Dawn: And your willing to wait for me that long?
Lerk: Anything for you Dawn.
 We went upstairs and crawled into my heart shaped bed.
 We cuddled for a while.
And everything else was a blur, All I can remember was the sounds of a lullaby.
 In the morning I did my garden. I was so caught up in so much stuff that I was abusing it.
 While harvesting my apple tree I broke down and cried. I still missed Tyler and having pregnancy hormones makes it worse.
 Speaking of Pregnancy.
 I ran inside...
 and threw up my insides.
 Violet was crying for attention in the other room.
 Dawn: It's okay Violet, mommy's here.
 I held my Violet close and what do you know.....
 Violet called. She wanted to treat me to a day at the spa for missing the funeral. She recently lost her Dawn again and this time she's not coming back.
 I went to the day spa and waited for Vi and I saw Mikolaj Sierra there.
 Then Violet showed up in no time.
Dawn: Hey Vi!
Violet: Hey Dawn, let's get this spa day started.
 After the spa we chatted. About everything and everyone. She filled me in on all the challenge mothers cause I was to busy with Tyler.
We even had some celebrity gossip.
Violet: Did you hear that Mikolaj went parting while pregnant.
Dawn: I heard, And she had her baby at the bar.
 After a day with Vi I played some computer games.
 Look my girls are using the potty together.
 Stark started a new non fiction book called "Losing My Other Half: The Death of Tyler Turner". Inspired by his brother.
 Nellie wanted to make sure she was in good shape so she can become a celebrity like her mom.
 I made some mac cheese for dinner, I was tempted to reach level 10 in my cooking skill so I could bring Tyler back. For now I'm only at level 4.
 I fed the girls some breakfast while Nellie and Stark got ready for school.
 Poor Stark he was up all night writing his book. He fell asleep on the couch.
 After breakfast I did the dishes..
 and cleaned Lilly's chair.
 Penny Pincher called and invited me to her party that night. I agreed to go.
 I was surprised to see Maci Wriner there. Man she knows everyone does she.
 But going to that party was a mistake. I went into labor.
 I had to go to the hospital and that means another court date soon. For now on I can't go out when I'm about to burst.
After a short Labor I came out with a new blue bundle, I introduce you to, Erik Turner, Baby 7.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! If you have any name ideas for futures babies in Dawn's family please leave a comment below. If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions you can either comment in my cbox, comment below, or you can email me at!


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