Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Midnight Babies - Baby # 4, 5 &6

 After the twins were born, I thought I was gaining a little weight so I went straight to the treadmill.
 But as you can see, I'm still a beginner on the athletic skill.
 Then I decided to call Violet Newbie (Read her Challenge Here) and tell her that the boys were just born and to thank you again for the help.
 I love my little Nellie as a toddler but all kids have to age up eventually, and now's the time to age up her and the boys!
 First to age is Nellie since she's the oldest.
 She turned into a gorgeous young lady with short light brown hair. I let Nellie wear make up cause I want my kids to express themselves in anyway they want. Pretty soon the boys will be all over her.
 Next to age is Stark
 Stark got his father's shaped eyes and my eye color. The rest of him looks like me.
 Last to age is Tyler.
Tyler looks just like his father in every way besides his hair color.
 After aging the kids I took out Dean's old bed from the other room and redecorated it just for Nellie.
 The doorbell ranged and there was a birthday teddy bear at my front door. It had a card with it that said "Dear Dawn, I know that I said I don't want to be part of my kids life but that doesn't mean I don't love them. So here's a little gift for my boys on their birthday. Sincerely Nick Zit". I was surprised and heart felt when I read the note. At least my boys have a father that cares.
 Nellie missed her bus on her first day of school, so she had to ride to school on her bike.
 I needed to raise my cooking skill so I decided learn a new recipe.
 After learning how to make a new recipe, I wanted to try it out. So I make some ratatouille.
 It was now time to teach my twins their skills. Stark is first since he's the oldest of the twins.

 Dawn: Come on Stark can you say 'pool' for mommy?
But he said nothing.
 Dawn: Can you say 'feather duster'?
Nope nothing again.
 Dawn: Can you say this for mommy, 'make-up'?
This might take awhile.
 Dawn: Stark, say 'soda' for mommy, say 'soda'!
Stark: soooDa!
 Dawn: That's my boy!
 When he finally learned to talk. I clapped my hands in enjoyment.
 Now to teach him to walk!
Dawn: Come to mommy Stark, come to mommy!
 That's my boy! Walking didn't take that long at all.
 I got a call from Dean today.
 He said that him, Blake and Doug just wanted to know if any of the Challenge mom's are willing to have any of them in their challenge.
 I told them I don't know but I was willing to post something about it on my facebook.
 They agreed and couldn't wait.
 I logged on to my facebook and posted a small note on the 'The 100 Baby Challenge Mothers' group.
 Right away a few people responded to it.
They were for Blake to be part so I emailed Blake with a few links and addresses, He'll have to choose which one's he wants to take part in.
 Nellie came home from school really excited about something. She couldn't wait to tell me.
 Nellie: Hey mom guess what? I had to write an essay about my favorite color at school and...
 Nellie: I got an A+ on it!!!
 Dawn: Really? Honey that's great!
 I gave her a big hug to congratulate her. I'm so proud, I can already see my little Nellie being a big writer some day.
 After our hug, she called her father right away, she couldn't wait to tell him the good news too.
 The same time she called her father I got a call from a man that wants to met me. I told him sure and we planned for him to come over tomorrow.
 I wanted to celebrate Nellie's A+ by making a sim statue of her.
 She posed and I got right to work.
 Nellie: Mom how much longer to I have to hold it like this?
Dawn: Just a little while longer honey, I'm almost done.
 Dawn: Finally, I'm finished!
 Nellie: That's awesome mom, it looks just like me! I love it!
 Sadly I couldn't keep it. I was a sculpturer and what ever I make I have to sell.
 This is the man that I got a call from. He came over just like what we had planned. I noticed that in that little opening in his shirt he had a tattoo. I wonder what that tattoo is of?
 His name is Midnight Bloo. He has blue skin, purple and blue hair, and pink eyes!
Download Midnight Bloo Now!
 I invited him in and gave him something to eat. We had ratatouille!
 We talked for a while about what's going on in the world.
 Then before we knew it, we were done eating.
 He was so nice, he did the dishes for me!
 After he was done with the dishes, I realized something about him.
Dawn: OMG! Your the famous Midnight Bloo, the movie star!!!!
 Dawn: I'm a huge fan of yours' Mr. Bloo, can I have your autograph?
 All he did was rub the back of his head and just did a little chuckle of embarrassment.
Midnight: Well actually I came here because I was wondering if I could take part in your challenge!
 I was taken back by this. I couldn't believe that one of my favorite actors wants to have a baby with ME!
Dawn: Really? You want to take part in MY challenge! This is such a surprise.
 Midnight: Please?! I want a child but my manager thinks that if I have a child now my career will be ruined. So I thought the only way for me to have a child and not ruin my career is to take part in your challenge.
 Dawn: Well of course you can be in my challenge! I will be honored to have my favorite actor's child!
 Midnight: Can we start now cause my plane back to Bridgeport leaves in the morning?
 Dawn: Sure let's get started!
 We got into bed.
 And the sweet sounds of a lullaby filled my ears and his, we both knew that he was now getting what he always wanted. He was going to be a father. We conceived the baby at exactly at Midnight.
After we come up from the covers I almost laugh when I saw his heart underwear.
I couldn't believe how sexy he was! He had big and dense muscles, but I couldn't fall for him, not now!
I found out what his tattoo was, it was a broken heart. He told me that he has been through so many break ups, all his girlfriends were famous too and they didn't want to have kids when he did. He said all he ever wanted was a girl that was willing to give him a family.
 Look at my boys, they're going to be the best of friends in the future.
 After Midnight left, I thought it was now time to have Tyler learn his skills. We started with talking!
Dawn: Can you say 'spaceship'?
 Nothing! I have a feeling that teaching Tyler wasn't going to be easy!
 But we was able to say a few words, like disco ball.
 After Tyler learned to talk, next was walking.
 Then I taught him to use the potty.
 I unclogged the toilet..
Then I taught Stark to use the potty.
 Sometimes playing the guitar can be a relaxing thing.
 Nellie loves the trampoline, just like I do!
 Look at my little boys just waiting for their mommy to come back up stairs.
 When I did go up stairs to feed the boys, I was overwhelmed by nausea!
 I ran to the bathroom and literally threw my guts out. I felt more sick then I did when I was pregnant with Nellie and the boys!
But I forgot all about it when I got up and flushed the toilet, cause that's when I got my first showing of a baby bump. That was fast! My maternity outfit had flowers on it, I thought it was cute!
 Blake came over! I was so happy to see him.
 Blake: Hey sis! Hows your challenge?
 I laughed and leaned back to show him my pregnant belly!
Dawn: What do you think big bro?
 He threw his hands back in apology!
Blake: Hey hey hey I'm sorry!
 Blake: I just came here to tell you that I got your email.
 Blake: I took part in Vanessa Wood's challenge and had a baby boy named Jack.
 Dawn: I can't believe it I'm a auntie? That's awesome Blake, congrats!
 Blake: I also took part in Violet Newbie's challenge too!
 Dawn: Wow that's great Blake!
 Blake: Violet had twins, but she lost one of the babies during the pregnancy!
 Dawn: Oh my gosh! Blake I'm so sorry!
Blake: Della is the name of my daughter that survived. But me and Vi decided to name the little girl we lost after you sis!
 Dawn: Oh my, that means so much Blake!
 I gave my big bro a big hug, My brother doesn't deserve this and neither does my friend Vi. Vi helped me out so much with father number 2 and I had two adorable little boys because of her. I decided that one of my future daughters will be named after her.
Blake left soon after, I think he didn't want me to see him cry. Boys never do. I also found out that Nellie found a lifetime wish!
 It was now time for some chores, I want to make sure that the house is nice and clean for the arrival of my baby. I emptied out the potty chair downstairs....
 The potty chair upstairs....
 I cleared the buffet table....
 I did the laundry...
 Cleaned the toilet...
 Took out the trash...
 Paid the bills...
And tended to my garden.
 I'm going to need to go fishing so my giant fish tank won't be so empty.
 Soon I'll be having moments like these all the time.
 I always wanted to be in a pageant ever since I was a little girl but my mom never let me because she hated pageants. I never knew why. So since I can't be in a pageant then I'll make one. I went on the computer and made one, I decided to make it a twin pageant, inspired by my boys.
Here's an example of my pageant idea!
 I wanted some mother daughter time, so I watched the kids network with Nellie until she had to go to school.
 When she did go to school. I worked on another sculpture.
 while somewhere in the middle of my second one I went in to labor.
 I called a taxi and headed to the hospital.
 I walked right in. It was kind of weird that I saw a vampire there.
 At the stroke of midnight I gave birth. I came out with a baby carrier, the one I've seen so much in Della's challenge!
 I've seen that Charmaine Manne, the paparazzi, was there.
 I left fast because I don't want it to get out that I had another baby out of wedlock. But I might be too late!
 Welcome to the world, Baby 4, Lilly Turner.
 Baby 5, Violet Turner. (For Violet and the loss of her baby, Dawn Newbie)
And Baby 6, Rose Turner!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! If you have any name ideas for futures babies in Dawn's family please leave a comment below. If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions you can either comment in my cbox, comment below, or you can email me at!


  1. Thank you for naming Baby 5 Violet :) Did you know that 5 is my favorite # lol KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!

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  3. Can You call a baby girl paisley or tia or if you have twins or triplets can you call them that please!!!

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  5. @Kinleigh: The fish tank was in the High-End Loft Stuff pack!

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