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Babies 98 & 99- A New Mrs. Turner

The worst part about taking on the 100 baby challenge is slowly watching each of your kids walk out that front door and start lives of their own. To watch them leave repeatedly is unbearable, but to watch them fulfill their dreams makes it worth all the pain. Like every previous Turner child, my last set of triplets were becoming young adult and leaving the household.
First was Baby 95, Jennifer. Jennifer became a gorgeous young adult. It's obvious she got most of her father's looks.
 Next was Baby 94, Jack. Jack got most of the Turner looks but I love his pink and blonde hair and his glowing pink eyes.
 The last of the triplets is Baby 93, Asher. Asher looks almost evil with his arched eyebrows and his black hair styled in the latest fashion. He'll have no trouble catching the eye of many girls.
 After the oldest of my kids became young adults I decided to age my newest babies into children. First was Baby 96, Joey. I love Joey's light purple skin tone, purple eyes, and her pink and purple hair.
 The last of the kids to age up was the youngest in the household, Baby 97, Kevin. Unlike his sister, Kevin got more of the Turner genes, but he did get his father's hot pink eye color and it compliments his blond hair well.
 With me almost finished with my challenge I've been trying to find ways to occupy my time once my baby 100 leaves the nest. I found the perfect solution when I came across the newly built pet shop here in Hidden Springs. They had many animals up for adoption and this cute little yellow bird catch my eye. I had to bring him home once I saw him cleaning his tiny black and white wings.
 Not only will having pets around the house occupy my time with all the care they need, I wont be as lonely once my kids leave. Of course I still have Newbie, but who knows where our relationship will lead. Besides I've come really close my precious little Crackers.
 Crackers wasn't the only animal I bought that day. I also got a fancy rat for Joey. She calls him Rufus, after Ron's rat from the Disney show Kim Possible.
 And I also got a turtle for Kevin. Kevin calls this guy Speedy, which I have no idea why, but hey little kids right.
 The kids took a liking the new animals right away. They were already arguing who's pet was better.
"Look how cute Rufus is Kevin. He's the greatest pet in the world."
"No way. Speedy is way better then your stupid old rat."
 "Oh yeah! Well if you put your face right up to Rufus he'll give you a little rat kiss."
 "No way. He doesn't give kisses. Let me see."
 "OW!! He bit me. You lied to me Joey and I'm telling mom."
 After settling the whole Joey's rat bit Kevin mess and then sending them off to bed I was finally able to have some piece, quiet and time to myself. I took the opportunity to check the mail since I didn't have time to check it earlier today.
I opened the small metal box and pulled out the mail; water bill, electric bill, cable, etc etc etc... The usual stuff. One envelope however did catch  my eye. It was nicely decorated with swirls and glitter and had a lavender scent to it. I opened it and inside was a wedding invitation for my brother Doug's wedding. It was about time they set a date for their wedding, they've been engaged for nearly a year. I read the date, time, and location of the wedding, then I headed inside to call Doug and tell him I was coming.
The next morning I was having a nice breakfast with my wonderful kids when I got a call. It was Christy Quinn and she had a guy who wanted to join my challenge. She told me his name was Judd Burnette and he had a bluish grey skin tone and amazing eyes. He sounded interesting and I agreed to it. I was getting close to finishing my challenge and the more interesting the guy is the better.
 In just a few hours Judd was at my front door and ready to make baby 98. He was happy and so full of energy, not like most fathers in my challenge who were only in it for the sex, Judd was in it for the kids.
 But ever since Newbie and I became a couple I decided that for the remainder of my challenge I will be doing artificial insemination, something I never did for Lerk. Newbie was special and Judd seemed happy to do it for me.
 After only an hour at the hospital I came home to see that my adorable boyfriend had just came back from one of those doctor conventions. Happy to see him for the first time in 4 four days I pounce on his back and give him a hug and peck on the cheek.
"Hey there hot stuff. I'm glad to see you home. How was the convention?"
"It was okay, but I much prefer to be here with you."
"Awe, I love you too."
 I get off Newbie's back and then span him around so he was facing me.
"Look I don't want you to unpack just yet until you hear what I have to ask you. My brother Doug has finally set a date for his wedding and I want you to go with me as my date. So will you? It's in Bridgeport. His fiance lives there and she wants to have it there closer to her family, because after the wedding they plan on moving to Sunset Valley."
 "Of course I'll go with you. But I still have to unpack, I do need clean clothes."
 "Oh really? Your the best!"
I then leaned in and gave Newbie a kiss. This would be the first time I'll be bringing Newbie to any occasion as an official couple.
 After the kiss I looked at Newbie in the eyes. With my arms still wrapped around him I said, "Now I'm gonna go pack cause we leave tomorrow morning."
As I began to pull away Newbie pulled me back into his arms. "Wait one more kiss."
 Newbie leans in for a kiss and I block his puckered up lips with my free hand. "No, stop Newbie. I have to go pack.
 The morning Newbie and I started our drive to Bridgeport is was beyond foggy. We only had ten feet of visibility so the drive there started off as a slow one, but that cleared up when noon rolled around.
 It was pushing 5 pm when I awoke from my nap. Newbie was driving and the light outside was beginning to dim.
"Where are we?" I asked through droopy eyes.
 Newbie looks over at me and smiles. "Good morning sleepy head."
I look at Newbie then at the sky. "It's not it?"
"Haha. No. It's about 4:55. We'll be there in about an hour or so."
"An hour? You want me to drive the rest of the way?"
"Naw I'm good. You sleep and get some rest. I'll wake you up when we get there."
I nod at Newbie once then I rest my head on the door and fall back to sleep.
 It was 6:30 when we began to see the city lights. It didn't take long after that to find Sabrina's house where everyone would be staying until the wedding tomorrow. Sabrina is Doug's fiance if I haven't told you already.
When we stepped foot on her lot I was took back by how huge her place was. I guess this is how everyone lives in the big city of Bridgeport.
 I was so engrossed in the beauty that is Sabrina's house that I hadn't noticed that Doug was coming at me full speed, so I was nearly knocked off my feet when I was suddenly pulled into a hug.
"DAWN! You made it."
Laughing I said, "I wouldn't miss your wedding for anything."
 Doug led Newbie and I upstairs to to balcony where everyone else was having a great time. Alina Taylor, challenge mom and Sabrina's best friend, had just finished talking to Sabrina about the wedding when she noticed my entrance and came running in my direction.
"Dawn, you made it. I'm so glad to see you," she said in a cheerful tone.
"Well it's great to see you again Alina, and you too Sabrina." I looked over Alina's right shoulder and at Sabrina, who smiled and said hi.
 I walked a little more onto the balcony and away from the house and found people enjoying themselves in the hot tub. It took me a while to see that the faces that belonged to them were none other then my other brothers and their dates. I hadn't recognized them at first from all the tub steam and the bright light that came it.
 Dean looked over at me standing by Doug and yelled out, "WELL WELL WELL. Look who finally decided to show up."
Blake quickly glanced up from the tub and over at me. "Hey. I thought you were never gonna show up. What took you so long?" Blake took a quick look at Newbie by my side and gave me a look that said he thinks Newbie and I were up to something. Which was NOT the case.
 "Up to some hanky panky Dawn?"
I quickly look over at the other side of the hot tub to see that Valentina was smiling up at me.
"So not! There was heavy fog coming here," I said. "Now don't getting any ideas. I have a reputation."
I could hear Blake chuckle at my last words, but I just ignored him.
 I noticed a girl with brown hair and pink highlights sitting in the water next to Valentina and began to wonder if she was Dean's date. She most likely is because Dean did mention that he was bringing the girl he was dating to the wedding and she's the only other girl here.
I remember Dean telling me about her. He said her name is Karen Donald and she's the most beautiful and most caring girl he has ever met and once brought up the subject of marriage when he went on how great she was. I worry about Dean though. I don't want him to go rushing into marriage when his last wife took his son away. That marriage didn't end well.
Everyone continued on doing what they were doing before my arrival; Dean, Blake, Valentina, and Karen continued enjoying the hot tub. Sabrina and Alina talked about the wedding the very next day, Newbie and Doug were talking about god knows what, and me? I stood on the side and away from everyone else. I wanted some time alone to think about what ever my mind comes up with, and that would be my challenge.
I found myself thinking a lot about my challenge in the last couple weeks. I'm so close to finishing. I should be happy, and I am, but I'm also scared about being alone. Yes, I love Newbie to bits but does he love me enough to one day consider me as a wife?
 "So you scared about becoming a married man?"
"Naw I'm not scared. More nervous about making a fool of myself at the ceremony."
"That's good. I would be if I was getting married. It's a big step to take."
"Yeah, but it's worth the step when it comes to the woman you love."
 "Looks like Dawn is thinking again. You gonna go check on her, bro? I mean your now her boyfriend, it's your job to make sure your girl is okay."
"I've always made sure she was okay, even before the boyfriend status. In the long time I've known Dawn I learned when she's thinking it best to let her be."
"You have not known Dawn as long as I have. I know my baby sister and I suggest you go over there and see whats wrong."
 Newbie didn't hesitate after that and got up. he knew very well not to argue with your girlfriend's brothers, especially considering he'll be out numbered if they ever get mad at him.
 I knew Newbie was walking towards me by the way he stalled just a second before coming up behind me and grabbing my waist.
 I wrap my hands over his and look over at him. He had questioning eyes but he flashed my a smile that was a mile long.
"What?" I couldn't stop myself from asking.
"Oh I wanted to see how your doing, and to say that I can't get over how gorgeous you look under this moonlight."
"Oh Newbie that's the sweetest thing ever."
 Newbie wrapped me close in his arms and gave me a small kiss on the cheek before looking straight ahead to where I was just looking, probably trying to see what I was seeing.
"What's on your mind?"
I was a little caught off guard by Newbie's question and there was silence before I started to ask him a question in return. "Newbie have you ever thought about one day that you'll ever get married?"
 Newbie squeezed his arms tighter around me before answering. "No, I haven't actually. Marriage was never one of those things I thought about."
"But do you ever think you'll get married one day?"
"I don't know. I guess when the time is right and I found the right girl, I might."
 We didn't say much more after that and we both starred at the beautiful city ahead that was so full of life, yet seemed so peaceful and silent.
 The music hadn't started yet and Doug began to look nervous. He was sweating bullets and he was looking every where but down the aisle the bride and maid of honor were gonna be coming down.
 Everyone was situated in the right seats when the ceremony began and the music flowed through the room. We all stood and faced the direction opposite of the groom and watched as the maid of honor made her way down the aisle.
 Alina Tyalor looked beautiful in her maid of honor gown- holding a bouquet. She smiled brightly at everyone she passed, clearly excited about being here for her best friend's wedding.
 Followed right behind the maid of honor was the bride, Sabrina Johnson.
 Sabrina's gown was gorgeous as it hugged her upper body and hung loosely over her legs. Her hair was done in an up do and curled. She is definitely one of the prettiest brides I have ever seen.
 It seemed that all traces of Doug's nervousness have vanished as soon as Sabrina stepped foot under that alter. His grin was so huge when he looked at Sabrina in her gown that I swear I thought it was gonna pop off his face and run out of the church, along with that nervousness he had just moments ago.
 The ring and vow exchange started instantly. They both said a few heartfelt things and then placed the wedding band on each other's fingers.
 Once the vows were said the preacher announced them as man and wife and they shared a kiss.
 Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Doug Turner.
 The bride and groom made their way back down the aisle and towards the exit while we all clapped and cheered. Newbie threw the rice and Alina just stood and watched with eyes that seemed to almost tear up with all the excitement.
 A couple hours later we were all outside and enjoying the nice summer air. A beautiful day for an outdoor reception. Doug and Sabrina shared a kiss in front of everyone while Alina whipped out her camera to take a picture.
 After that everyone just mingled. Dean finally introduced me to the girl he talk so much about, Karen Donald, and after officially meeting her I would have to agree that this is one great girl.
 Karen was so full of life and seemed to be happy about every little thing. She talked all about her family in Sunset Valley. She would then go on to say that Dean talks about how great his family was to her all the time.
 After meeting Karen I went over to say hi to the newly happy couple, but found that Alina was giving Doug a speech about treating her friend right and that if he hurts her, she'll be the one he has to deal with.
  When I got an opening I cut in and said my congrats to the couple. I was so glad to see that Doug had found the one he'll be with forever and I couldn't have picked a better girl.
 After the reception Doug and Sabrina left with a moving van to Sunset Valley. They planned on getting things settled in their new home before taking a honeymoon. They bought a beautiful two story home, perfect if you ever want to start a family, which they plan on having.
For our last night in Bridgeport, Newbie and I decided to watch the stars together. I know it's not what you would normally do while in Bridgeport but I was pregnant with twins so I couldn't really do much of anything.
 We just took a small walk along the river before making ourselves comfortable on the ground.
 A soon as I made it home in Hidden Springs I gave birth to my little twins. I introduce you to Baby 98, Oscar II Turner. Named after my deceased father.
 And Baby 99, Lessie II Turner. Named after my deceased mother. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm just 1 baby away from finishing the 100 baby challenge.

 Remember this gal? This is Amber McKnight. My son Winstin Turner's (Baby 36) wife. Well they finally started a family.
 Here's a picture of their new family.
 Their first born was a girl named Darcy McKnight-Turner
 Then they had twin boys. This is Recker McKnight-Turner.
 And this is Manner McKnight-Turner. They all got their dad's eye color. :D
 And I know you gotta remember these two. Well Hartock was a father of my challenge and he has finally won the heart of my daughter Katniss (Baby 82).
 They too didn't wait long after marriage to start a family of their own.
 Here's their new family.
These two little girls are Rose and Amy Turner-Sierra.
My son Luke decided to join the acting career and had landing himself a lead roll in an upcoming show called We All Love Luke. His co-star is non other then Orchid Lemi, daughter of Ashby Lemi.
I can't believe I'm just ONE baby away from finishing this challenge. It's all so exciting, yet so sad. I loved doing this challenge, but no matter how happy I am to be able to finish this this challenge I'm sad to see it end.
I know you have probably noticed that I had pets featured in this post and that's because I FINALLY got pets working again on my computer. This is all so very exciting. I glad to finally take advantage of the pet expansion pack and I'm gonna start using it's awesome features as much and as soon as possible.

I wanna thank Kaitlyn Thomas for Alina Taylor (The Maid of Honor) & Sabrina Johnson (The Bride). You can find her Challenge Here.
And I wanna thank Della Wriner for Karen Donald, Love Sierra for Valentina Sierra (Valentina Turner) and Hartock Sierra, Addy for being a great friend and editor, and Ashby Lemi for Newbie.
Another thanks to Love Sierra for the names Rose and Amy for Dawn's granddaughters (also Love's granddaughters), and for creating the We All Love Luke page and story which she so nicely used Luke as the lead. The story will be out soon and if its out by the time my next post is out I'll post the link.

Thank you all and I hoped you enjoyed this post, now please don't forget to comment.
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